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Innovation Spotlight: Virtual Room Staging for a more immersive shopping experience

Kenzie DeLong
October 11, 2022

Online furniture shopping can involve a lot of guesswork and is a major hassle if you don’t get it right. You want to make sure that your new sofa, chair, lamp or other home decor item will fit in your space, that the color will match your aesthetic, and that you stay within budget. The traditional online shopping experience makes it difficult to accomplish those things.

Tangiblee furniture feature room staging

To combat this issue, Tangiblee is excited to announce Virtual Room Staging. This feature enables customers to engage with multiple touchpoints within a virtual room to curate their perfect environment. When customers click on a touchpoint they are able to swap out various pieces of furniture, lamps or wall art with other pieces. The customer can continue swapping out various pieces of home decor until they are happy with their selections and add all the items to their cart for a seamless checkout experience.

For example, a customer may be looking to re-decorate their living room space. They can go to a retailers website and curate their perfect space with virtual room staging. The customer can swap out the couch with one of a different size or color, try out different lamp styles, experiment with wall art, replace the coffee table, and more until they are satisfied with the look.

Tangiblee Furniture feature room staging

Shoppers can then purchase the entire room or share the room with their friends or family. This creates a seamless shopping experience and can help to increase cross-selling and revenue per visitor. 

Does this sound like the type of feature that your e-commerce site needs? Head here to schedule a free 15-min demo video.

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