Toys, Collectibles, & More

Tangiblee covers retail categories beyond jewelry, fashion accessories, and home goods–such as pet supplies, toys, appliances, outdoor furniture, and more.

Nontraditional retail categories using Tangiblee

Address size discrepancies for any category.

Tangiblee can be implemented for any retail category that is looking to reduce returns due to sizing.
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Ideal for online retailers selling a wide variety of categories.

Scalable and adaptable across large product catalogs with dozens of product categories and hundreds of thousands of SKUs.
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Tangiblee's solution is made for high-volume, high-turnover catalogs.

Tangiblee's man-machine solution is part-AI and part-human moderated and can be implemented onto new product SKUs added to the catalog daily.
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Compare any product, in any category, to daily lifestyle products.

Tangiblee can create a custom interactive experience for nearly every retail category that allows customers to compare product size against daily lifestyle products.
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Implement Tangiblee internally to address sizing

Tangiblee's solution can be used by businesses internally to assist with warehousing and packaging.
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Increase Revenue

Proven to accelerate conversions & increase AOV & RPV.

Reduce Returns

Address size-related concerns with visual context & engagement.

Build Trust
and Loyalty

Engage customers and build trust with an intuitive, visual user experience.

Go Live
at Any Size

Process catalog sizes up to 100,000 SKUs for enterprise-ready scalability.
“The process was very, very simple. We saw an 18% increase in the amount people were spending as a result of being able to compare the size."
Vipin Lalit, Head of Marketing

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Deliver an on-brand customer experience that's designed to engage, inform & convert.
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