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Ring Stacking

Ring Stacking


Online shoppers can try on multiple rings simultaneously by creating their own "custom ring stack"–whether on their own hand (using VTO) or on a model's hand.

Feature Description

Ring stacking lets online shoppers try on more than one ring at a time, allowing a user to create their own "custom ring stack" using other rings from the retailer's online catalog. Retailers can upsell and cross-sell seamlessly, selling a whole "look" rather than selling just one single item. This has proven to increase revenue per visitor (RPV) as well as average order value (AOV).

Here are the key highlights for ring stacking:
  • Stacking can be enabled for both On Model and On Me (VTO) modes.
  • Users can try the rings on their index, the middle or the ring finger.
  • Users can stack two or more rings depending on the size of the SKU and the space available on the finger.
  • Each finger has up to three hotspots available.
  • Users are able to drag rings between fingers to find the perfect look.
  • Users are able to open a PDP of each ring from the stacking thumbnail gallery.
  • Users can share their ring stack from On Model or On Me.
  • Ring stacking works on mobile phone, as well as on desktop.
  • Users are able to complete the checkout for multiple rings selected directly from the widget (Shopify and Salesforce platforms are supported).

Ring Stacking via On Model

User Experience

When ring stacking is available, users will see the Single/Stacking button in the lower right corner of the Tangiblee canvas. The shoppers can interact with the ring and create a stacked look by adding additional rings and drag rings between fingers to create the perfect look.

Single/Stack Ring View button location.

After selecting, the Stack text appears above the button and stacking is activated.

If Virtual Try-On is activated on a retailer's website, online shoppers can take a photo of their hand and stack rings on their own fingers with the ability to drag rings between fingers to create their own signature look.

Virtual Try-On with Ring Stacking

The online shoppers can also share their experience with friends and family using the sharing feature - an automatically generated URL that allows a user to share their experience via SMS, social media, and more.

Sharing Ring Stack via automated URL.
What the recipient sees when opening the shared URL.

When the shopper is happy with their look, they can add all rings to the cart at once with Multi-SKU bundling. Please note that Multi-SKU bundling is only supported by Salesforce and Shopify e-commerce platforms.

Ring Stacking with Multi-SKU Bundling activated.


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