Size Matters When Selling Furniture & Decor Online

Sell more items with fewer returns using Tangiblee

RoomView: The Uncomplicated Alternative To Room Planners

Tangiblee’s interactive RoomView provides an uncomplicated, simple alternative to complex room planning software, getting value in 2.5-5seconds of customer usage. Customers can quickly & easily visualize products in context & personal relevance.

View & Promote Multiple Products In RoomView

Customers can compare different items in the same setting by selecting from a set of complementary products within RoomView or selecting from auto-populated list of previously browsed items-all appearing in the same window.

Tangiblee Customizes RoomView For Every Category

Tangiblee can use different thematic backdrops for RoomView in each category served – bathrooms, living rooms, and more. In addition, the UX is designed around your chosen color scheme, layout, listed comparison items, and more for a seamless, effective addition to your product pages.

Tangiblee Customizes Everything Your Customer Sees & Clicks

According to your preferences, Tangiblee will customize what your customers see and click for every item. You choose which comparison items, layout, color scheme, CTA location, product details, and more.

Automatic Support For SKU Color & Size Variations

Compare a variety of product sizes, colors, and personalized features easily – letting shoppers understand the scale and important differences between one variation of that product from another.

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