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Offering An Immersive Shopping Experience with Earring Virtual Try-On (VTO)

Kenzie DeLong
May 6, 2024
Offering An Immersive Shopping Experience with Earring Virtual Try-On (VTO)

Tangiblee’s CEO himself has struggled with purchasing earrings online for his wife. When Eliad Inbar, Tangiblee CEO, went to purchase an anniversary gift for his wife, he ordered some beautiful dangle earrings. He was quickly disappointed when they showed up and were much larger and longer than he expected.

In order to avoid sleeping on the couch, Eliad ran down to the closest jewelry store to try and remedy the situation. Luckily, the jewelry store had the perfect earrings and Eliad was able to return the original pair.

This is something that jewelry retailers are all too familiar with.

Return reason: Not the right size.

Retailers have tried for years to address size discrepancies by adding product measurements, and taking additional model photos; however, nothing has truly worked. Tangiblee has set out to make a solution to address this problem and allow customers to try on products prior to purchasing.

Earring VTO allows customers to virtually try on earrings prior to purchasing. Customers who are interacting on a desktop will be asked to scan a QR code using their mobile phone to capture an image. The image then automatically syncs with their desktop so that they can continue their experience. This creates a consistent experience for customers.

Once the photo is taken, the earring is realistically placed on the customer’s ear to show how it would look and what size it is. This solution uses AR technology to increase customer confidence and conversions. Customers can even share their VTO photos with friends, family, or their significant other to drop a hint or provide a gift idea.

Within the Tangiblee solution, customers can additionally compare the size of the earring to other household items including a quarter, or a piece of candy. This helps to further address size discrepancies and use common items to put the size of the earring into perspective.

Earring VTO helps accelerate e-commerce jewelry stores with an immersive shopping experience. To learn more about how Tangiblee’s earring VTO feature can elevate your online store, click here to schedule a free demo now.

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