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Immersive shopping and augmented reality (AR) solutions for top brands.

AR simplified. Revenue accelerated.

Virtual Try On

Web-based, markerless Augmented Reality that requires no mobile app & no 3D renderings. Customers can see what a product will look on themselves without leaving the product page.

  Jewelry    Watches
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Contextual Shopping

Online shoppers can compare an item to other other catalog items (side-by-side) or compare against common, everyday items such as a laptop or iPhone.

  Handbags    Backpacks    Jewelry    Furniture
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Lifestyle Content

On-brand, fully-stylized lifestyle content delivered to every product page in DAYS.

  Home Decor  •  Handbags    Jewelry    Furniture
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Virtual Room Design

A low-friction product experience that lets your customers adjust, interact, and experience multiple products from the same retail catalog.

•  Furniture  •  Home Decor  •  Wall  Art
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Jewelry Stacking

Online customers can "stack" multiple pieces of jewelry (from the same catalog) on their hand, wrist, ear, or neck.

  Jewelry    Watches
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"When you have a conversion rate that is 8x what the normal conversion rate is, that's something you really need to pay attention to.", Alex Back, COO

Scalable, adaptable, effective.

Interactive, on-brand content that's compatible with any e-commerce platform & requires ZERO maintenance.
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Deliver a personalized customer experience on every SKU in your catalog.
Tangiblee extracts every individual SKU's details & content.
And generates an interactive, on-brand product experience for every SKU.

Increase Revenue

Proven to accelerate conversions & increase AOV & RPV.

Reduce Returns

Address size-related concerns with visual context & engagement.

Build Trust
and Loyalty

Engage customers and build trust with an intuitive, visual user experience.

Go Live
at Any Size

Process catalog sizes up to 100,000 SKUs for enterprise-ready scalability.

Tangiblee is Software with a Service

Learn more about Tangiblee's commitment to supporting your brand with a dynamic, ROI-driven, real-time optimization process that's designed to ensure maximum effectiveness.
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"Customers can visualize how products will look in a real environment. They are more confident buying after interacting with Tangiblee."
MCM Worldwide, Katie O’Connell, Global VP, eCommerce

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Deliver an on-brand customer experience that's designed to engage, inform & convert.
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