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Virtual Try-On

Web-based augmented reality technology that uses your catalog's existing 2D product images.
JTV Jewelry & Love
Goldsmiths UK
Lucardi Juwelier

#1 in VTO Versatility for Jewelry & Watches

Allow online shoppers to easily try on items–stacked or individually, static images or clip, on a model or themselves–using mobile capture. Once they've found the perfect look, they can share with others for an easy purchase.
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Enhance the Experience with VTOClip (New!)

With VTOclip, Tangiblee blurs the line between Virtual Try-On (VTO) and reality using video-based AR. Your customers enjoy all the benefits of VTO using their own 3-second clip for a truly immersive interactive online shopping experience.
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Cross-Device Virtual Try‑On

Allow online shoppers to take a photo on their phone and have it auto-sync to a desktop computer for a seamless immersive shopping experience. By adding personalization and engagement, retailers can increase buyer confidence and sell-through.
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VTO for more than just jewelry and watches

Tangiblee offers VTO for more than jewelry & watch retail categories - such as Wall Art. And, Tangiblee is developing & implementing VTO capability across many more retail categories.
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Stacking & Multi‑SKU Bundling

Online shoppers can "stack" multiple rings, bracelets, or necklaces whether through virtual try on or on a lifestyle model. Combined with multi-SKU bundling, this feature increases Revenue per Visitor (RPV).
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Share a screenshot of your Virtual Try-On experience with one click.

One-click VTO Sharing

One-click sharing via SMS, social media, and more of every customer's VTO experience, as a landing page that redirects visitors back to your product detail pages for easy purchase.
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