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Handbags, Luggage & Backpacks

Deliver a personalized customer experience that makes inclusivity and engagement seamless across every product SKU.
Showing the enhanced shopping experience for handbags provided by Tangiblee
MCM Worldwide
Swiss Gear
Two bags visually compared.
Two bags visually compared.
Two bags visually compared.

View Items Side-by-Side and Compare to Everyday Items

Allow customers to compare catalog items to each other and to everyday objects to ensure the size of the bag fits their needs.
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Adjustable model silhouette for inclusivity

Support Size Inclusivity with Interactive Brand Models

Make inclusivity and personalization part of the customer experience with customizable silhouette models. Customers can adjust the model to see how a product looks when worn.
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one bag on two lifestyle models

On-Brand Lifestyle Content to Elevate Product Visualization

With no additional photography, transform your existing catalog imagery into fully rendered, photorealistic model imagery.
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Airline Carry-On feature

Increase Buyer Confidence by Checking Travel Size Specs

By helping customers ensure their carry-on will fit airline specifications, you’ll reduce returns and increase buyer confidence.
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Increase Revenue

Proven to accelerate conversions & increase AOV & RPV.

Reduce Returns

Address size-related concerns with visual context & engagement.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Engage customers and build trust with an intuitive, visual user experience.

Go Live at Any Size

Process catalog sizes up to 100,000 SKUs for enterprise-ready scalability.

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