Jewelry & Watches

Turn your online jewelry experience into an immersive, personalized experience using the product content already on your website.

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Virtual Try On

Tangiblee's web-based augmented reality technology lets customers virtually try on any jewelry piece directly on the product detail page -no app or 3D imagery required.
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“Tangiblee plays a major role in our marketing. And, average sales have gone up while order returns have gone down.”
Steve Mellows, e-Commerce/Marketing Director

On Model Content

Requiring no 3D imagery or additional photoshoots, deliver on-brand, lifestyle content that elevates existing product imagery to fully rendered, photorealistic aspirational model imagery.
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Tangiblee drives revenue

Drive Revenue

Proven to accelerate conversions & increase both AOV & RPV.
Tangiblee helps reduce product returns

Reduce Returns

Address size-related concerns with visual context & engagement.
Tangiblee builds customer confidence

Build Trust

Build trust with an intuitive, visual user experience.
Tangiblee is an enterprise-ready platform


An adaptable, automated service for any size catalog.

Catalog Comparison

Customers can compare items from the same online catalog, viewing products in detail side-by-side and at scale in an interactive on-page experience.
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Everyday Item Comparison

Address size-related questions with an intuitive, contextual experience that allows customers to compare items to everyday objects.
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“The process was very, very simple. We saw an 18% increase in the amount people were spending as a result of being able to compare the size."
Vipin Lalit, Head of Marketing

Make purchase decisions

Deliver an on-brand customer experience that's designed to engage, inform, & convert.
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