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Jewelry & Watches

Turn online jewelry shopping into an immersive, personalized experience.
Showing Tangiblee extensive added value for enhancing the shopping experience for jewelry and watches
Ernest Jones
Goldsmiths UK
Showing jewelry stacking across categories

Allow Jewelry Stacking Across Categories

Optimize sales by providing suggestions for complimentary jewelry pieces that customers can see on simultaneously.
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Showing earring stacking.

Introducing Earring Stacking via Build Your Look

Users can place multiple earring types in different locations on the ear - and add all items to the cart with one click.
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Allow Customers to Virtually Try On Jewelry and Watches

Web-based augmented reality technology brings personalization to product detail pages — no app or 3D imagery required.
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Showing different watches in side-by-side comparison

View Similar Items Side‑by‑Side with Catalog Comparison

Customers can compare items from the same online catalog, viewing products in detail side‑by‑side and at scale in an interactive on-page experience.
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Showing an earring compared to everyday objects.

View Items Next to Everyday Objects

Address size-related questions with an intuitive, contextual experience that allows customers to compare items to everyday objects.
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Desktop to mobile Sync

Use QR Codes to Sync from Desktop to Mobile

Cross-device compatibility allows customers browsing on the PC to take photos on their cell phone using an auto-generated QR code.
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Two watches visually compared side by side.
Two watches visually compared side by side.

View and Add Multiple Items to the Cart with Virtual Try-On (VTO)

Customers can visualize multiple SKUs at once and then add the appropriate item directly to their cart.
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Increase Revenue

Proven to accelerate conversions & increase AOV & RPV.

Reduce Returns

Address size-related concerns with visual context & engagement.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Engage customers and build trust with an intuitive, visual user experience.

Go Live at Any Size

Process catalog sizes up to 100,000 SKUs for enterprise-ready scalability.

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