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Tangiblee Studio

On-brand lifestyle content for every product SKU.

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On-model Lifestyle Content

Customers can see any product SKU placed on the arm or body of any model image - and see the item properly scaled & in context.

Interactive Lifestyle Content

Any product SKU placed in photorealistic backgrounds that are accurately scaled and interactive for online shoppers.
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“Tangiblee understood the problem and created a customized feature that specifically addressed our customers’ concerns and needs...”
Jay Nigrelli, VP of eCommerce
Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

On-brand Lifestyle Content

Allow online shoppers to try on items, compare sizes, place objects in the room and so much more.

Drive More Revenue

Proven to impact AOV, RPV, & Onsite Conversions.

Reduce Product Returns

Size-related issues is the primary reason for product returns.

Build Customer Confidence

Confident shoppers buy more, return less, and keep coming back.


An adaptable, automated service for any size product catalog.

On Model visuals with skintone slider

Allow online shoppers to try on items, compare sizes, place objects in the room and so much more.
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Lifestyle content for any retail category.

Tangiblee works with every retail category - except apparel and shoes - making it easy to create a consistent, practical user experience across any size eCommerce catalog.

On Model visuals with skintone slider

Tangiblee is committed to supporting your brand with a dynamic, ROI-driven, real-time optimization process to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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Tangiblee helps retailers create powerful digital experiences that drive more value out of existing product content.
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