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Dana Gordon

Dana Rebecca Design elevates the online jewelry shopping experience with Virtual Try-On (VTO)

Dana Rebecca

Dana Gordon, Founder of Dana Rebecca Designs (DRD), was born with diamonds in her DNA. As a third-generation jeweler, she founded Dana Rebecca Designs in 2007 with the mission to use ethical materials to create luxurious, everyday pieces. DRD prides itself on its recycled 14k gold and conflict-free diamonds sourced from trusted jewelers in India.

Dana Rebecca Designs' web growth really took off in 2019 and by 2021 they were hitting record sales. To capitalize on this growth, DRD was looking for a technology that would provide its customers with an immersive online shopping experience.

Challenges: Increase customer confidence with interactive online shopping experience

With Dana Rebecca’s substantial growth in popularity, their focus turned to increasing conversions and revenue per visitor (RPV). Due to the press the brand was receiving, many people would head over to their website to explore and it was important that these customers weren’t only exploring, but purchasing from the website.

Many jewelry retailers struggle with conversions because customers lack confidence when purchasing pieces online. Returns due to size discrepancies can be a major pain point for jewelry retailers as well, which is what makes Virtual Try-On (VTO) a perfect feature for them. Customers are more inclined to purchase and keep the jewelry that they purchase online when they are able to virtually try it on first.

“We want customers to come to our site and be able to get everything they need to feel confident in their purchase,” remarked Blair Peterson, VP of Strategy at Dana Rebecca Designs. “In order to increase conversions and RPV for our business we needed a solution to take our website to the next level. We were trying to solve for ‘How can customers understand how the piece will look on them if they can’t touch it?’.”

Dana Rebecca Designs has curated a beautiful website with stellar product images. However, they realized that there could be more to offer their customers. With their customers' online shopping experience at the forefront, DRD reached out to Tangiblee to see how they could assist them in achieving an exceptional online immersive shopping experience.


Conversion Rate

Dana Gordon

Enter Tangiblee: Providing an immersive shopping experience, while increasing metrics

Dana Rebecca and Tangiblee began their relationship in the Winter of 2021. Tangiblee’s VTO provides customers with the chance to try on products before they buy. This gives customers the confidence to purchase jewelry online. 

“We are really impressed with Tangiblee’s solution. For our customers, it is very intuitive and easy to use. They are able to easily interact with products in a way that enhances their shopping experience,” stated Blair Peterson. “For us, Tangiblee required minimal integration on our part which was really important for our small team.”

Using Dana Rebecca’s existing product imagery, Tangiblee implemented VTO, Compare To, Stacking, and more. VTO allows customers to take a photo of their hand and place items realistically on their hand or wrist. The customer can take the photo on their mobile device and it will automatically sync to their desktop for a consistent experience. Customers can also compare items to other items including a Swedish Fish and Life Saver. This feature helps to reduce returns due to size discrepancies. 

“Dana Rebecca has helped us fine-tune some of our features including Virtual Try-On for necklaces and pendants,” remarked Ryan McLaughlin, Director of Accounts at Tangiblee. “They were the first client to launch necklace VTO and are always interested in implementing the latest features for the benefit of their customers.”

Dana Gordon

Results: Dramatic increase in conversion rate and Revenue per Visitor (RPV) 

Dana Rebecca’s success only continued to grow with the implementation of Tangiblee. 

Since implementing Tangiblee, Dana Rebecca Designs has seen conversion rate increase 1.5X for users who interacted with Tangiblee. Customers feel more confident purchasing jewelry online when they are able to visualize products realistically using VTO. 

Dana Rebecca Design has additionally seen revenue per visitor (RPV) increase 2X for users who interacted with Tangiblee. Customers are not only converting, but purchasing multiple items as well. This can be partially attributed to the Stacking feature which encourages cross-selling by displaying multiple complementary rings. 

“We were astonished by the results that Tangiblee provided,” stated Blair Peterson. “Ryan was completely transparent with us regarding results, and we are always able to access them through the Tangiblee Management Portal.” 


Revenue per Visitor (RPV)

Dana Gordon

What’s next: Pushing the envelope

Dana Rebecca Designs looks forward to continuing to push the envelope and provide an exceptional customer experience for their customers.

“We will continue furthering our relationship with Tangiblee. They are genuinely invested in our success and we greatly appreciate their attention,” remarked Blair Peterson.

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