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WatchBox creates an immersive shopping experience with Virtual Try-On (VTO)


With offices worldwide, including a Headquarters and 4 other US locations, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Dubai, and more, WatchBox is committed to maintaining its white-glove experience for its collectors. The digital team at WatchBox knew their digital customers wanted an interactive, more personalized experience. The team searched for “try-on” solutions that were practical, effective, and, above all, user-centric, specifically for their e-commerce customers.


WatchBox and Tangiblee

Tangiblee began speaking with WatchBox in their early stages as a company. As both companies continued to evolve, WatchBox added Tangiblee to their website. As a luxury watch retailer, WatchBox provides high-quality product images for its shoppers. To show the beauty of their unique watches, WatchBox takes multiple product images. With Tangiblee's VTO, WatchBox has optimized its product imagery and allowed its customers to try on their products before they purchase.

Tangiblee on Watchbox: Virtual Try-On

WatchBox customers can see one watch placed–at scale–on any real life model image (whether their own photographed models OR they can pick from a huge selection of Tangiblee's model library).

Even more impressively, the Tangiblee experience on WatchBox's website allows users to compare–visually–two watches at the same time. The luxury watch customer needs as much context as possible in order to make a purchasing decision. Tangiblee's solution allows shoppers to compare and contrast the various watches listed on the website as if they were standing in-store comparing the watches by hand.

Tangiblee on Watchbox: On Model

WatchBox bridges the gap between the in-store and the online shopping experience using Virtual Try-On solution from Tangiblee. WatchBox continues pushing Tangiblee to innovate and create revolutionary features that further elevate shoppers’ experience.



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