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Adjustable Silhouette

Represent all online shoppers by offering diverse body sizes and shapes without additional photography.

Promote inclusivity by providing your shoppers with adjustable silhouettes on which they can interact with handbags. Allow your shoppers to visualize your product on a model that matches their unique body type. Increase customer confidence and reduce returns with this inclusive feature.

Benefits for the retailer:

  • Increase customer confidence.
  • Reduce returns.
  • Represent your entire customer base without additional photography.

User Experience:

Online shoppers can select the appropriate model for their use case and adjust the model’s height and size as needed to visualize how a product will look on themselves or the party for whom they are shopping. The shopper can view the dimensions of the product by hovering over/tapping the item itself, and move the bag to other placement points on the model via click/tap and drag gestures.

Adjust the size and height of virtual models
Adjustable Silhouette

Below are just a few of the silhouette options from the Tangiblee library:

Adult Colorized Silhouette Virtual Model Examples
Adult Colorized Silhouette Examples
Adult Colorized Silhouette Virtual Model Examples
More Adult Colorized Silhouette Examples
Child Colorized and B&W Silhouette Examples
Child Colorized and B&W Silhouette Examples
Children grayscale adjustable silhouette models
More Child Colorized & B&W Silhouette Examples

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