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Dynamic Comparison Items

Curate custom recommendations for online shoppers based on their shopping history.

Allow your shoppers to visualize products of interest side-by-side with recently viewed items, recommended items, or wishlist items in order to most deeply understand a product’s size, style and more. Tangiblee is able to integrate with the retailer’s existing recommendation API and Wishlist functionality to deliver a more branded experience.

Benefits of the retailer:

  • Tangiblee integrates with retailer’s existing recommendation logic.
  • Increase revenue per visitor.
  • Provide customized and personalized shopping experience.

User Experience:

Online shoppers can open the “Compare” tab within Tangiblee to actively compare a product of interest with recently-viewed items that automatically populate within the carousel as they continue to browse. Similarly, shoppers are presented with dynamically recommended items that are curated by client-side recommendation tools, and served within the carousel. This same logic can be applied to client-side Wishlist functionality.

Dynamic Recommended Items
Example of Recommended Items
Dynamic Recommended Items
Example of Wishlist Items

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