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Earring Stacking VTO

Allow shoppers to virtually try on multiple earrings at once using augmented reality (AR).

Allow online shoppers to create a custom stacked look with multiple products from your catalog using Tangiblee’s immersive AR technology.

Benefits for the retailer:

  • Tangiblee integrates with your existing recommendation logic to provide personalized recommendations to shoppers.
  • Increases revenue per visitor.
  • Increases average order value.

User Experience:

Online shoppers can use the Virtual Try-On (VTO) platform to take a photo of their ear and realistically view earrings on their ear. The shoppers can interact with the earrings and create a stacked look by adding additional earrings. The shopper can move the earrings along their ear.

Earring Stacking VTO

When the shopper is happy with their look they can add all the earrings to their cart with a few simple clicks using Multi-SKU Bundling*.

*Please note that Multi-SKU bundling is only supported by Salesforce and Shopify e-commerce platforms.

If the shopper is looking for another opinion, they can share their VTO photo with others. The recipient of the photo can then open it on a unique landing page and even purchase the earring straight from there.

Earring Stacking VTO Sharing

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