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On Model - Gemstone

Allow your shoppers to visualize the size of the gemstone in comparison to a model’s hand.

Allow your online shoppers to adjust the size of the model’s wrist to visualize how the watch face will realistically look on your wrist. The watch face will accurately scale to match the size of the wrist.

Online shoppers can view a gemstone against a model’s hand to understand its size. This gives shoppers a visualization of how the gemstone will look on their own hand.

Benefits for the retailer:

  1. Enhances the customer experience.
  2. Increases customer confidence thus reducing returns.

User Experience:

Online shoppers can open the Tangiblee solution and select the “On Model” button. Shoppers will see the gemstone next to the model’s fingers. They can then move the gemstone to various touch points and zoom in and out. The thumbnail gallery will present the shoppers with various skin tones so that they can select the model that most accurately represents themselves. Users are also able to toggle between centimeters and inches for product measurements.

On Model Gemstone Experience