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Virtual Room Design

Allow users to virtually design their space by swapping out multiple products in a room.

Virtual Room Design creates a virtual room using multiple products from your catalog. When a shopper selects the various hotspots, they will be presented with your custom recommendations for viewing other items.

Benefits for the retailer:

  • Tangiblee integrates with your existing recommendation logic to generate custom recommended items.
  • Shoppers can add all products to their cart with a few simple clicks increasing revenue per visitor and average order value.
  • Promotes cross-selling across product categories.

User Experience

This feature will automatically open when a user clicks the Call-To-Action (CTA) on the Product Detail Page (PDP) or by clicking the “design” button. Users can engage with the virtual room by selecting the various hotspots around the room. Once a user clicks a hotspot they will be presented with custom recommendations for items that they can switch in and out. Users are able to click through different virtual rooms to find a space that best represents their own.

Virtual Room Design widget by Tangiblee
Virtual Room Design Mobile

When a user is happy with their space they can add all items to cart with just a few simple clicks using Multi-SKU Bundling*.

Multi-SKU Bundling for Furniture and Home Decor

*Please note that Multi-SKU bundling is only supported by Salesforce and Shopify e-commerce platforms.


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