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Contextual Shopping

Deliver next-generation personalization and product visualization features using existing product visuals.
Hip Van
Harvey Norman
Comparing the size of a bag to the size of a phone, tablet, and another bag.

Compare To: Size matters

Increase customer confidence by providing accurate sizing comparisons between products, including catalog items or everyday items. Accurately communicate product size at scale across your entire catalog to allow for interactive product comparisons.
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Showing a range of different adjustable silhouettes

Adjustable Silhouettes: Promote inclusivity

Provide your customers with the ability to interact with product models to realistically reflect themselves. Customers can engage with the model to match their own height and clothing size to gain a realistic understanding of how the product will look on them.
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Showing the Tangiblee Room visualization.

Room visualization:
Picture your space

Tangiblee’s RoomView options allow online shoppers to visualize furniture. By adding personalization and engagement to the buying experience, retailers increase buyer confidence and sell-through.
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What Fits Inside? Stop guessing

Shopping for handbags online can result in disappointment when a customer’s personal items don’t fit well within the bag. This results in returns and lost revenue. With Tangiblee’s What Fits Inside? (WFI) feature customers can visualize products that will fit inside of their handbag using our immersive AR technology.
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