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2022 Q1 Product Feature Update

Kenzie DeLong
September 5, 2023

Our team has been hard at work innovating and strategizing the next features to further enhance the customer experience on e-commerce sites. We have continued to push the envelope of immersive shopping to create an unmatched experience. Below are our latest features to take your e-commerce site to the next level.

Increasing Sell-Through and Revenue Per Visitor

Multi-SKU Bundling with Ring Stacking

This feature allows customers to add multiple items to their cart with just a few simple clicks. Customers can create their perfect look with multiple products and add them all to the cart in one simple step, directly in Tangiblee. Reducing the number of steps required increases conversions and revenue per visitor. Currently, this feature is only available with the ring stacking feature; however, it is coming soon for all categories. Read more about multi-SKU bundling here.

Animated CTAs

The call to action button is incredibly important. This is how customers will locate the Tangiblee solution to use Virtual Try-On or comparison mode. If a customer doesn’t see or can’t locate the CTA, then retailers lose revenue opportunities. Implementing a subtle animation to a CTA combats this issue, increasing conversions.

Virtual Try-On (VTO) Sharing

VTO sharing is a revolutionary feature exclusive to Tangiblee. This feature allows a customer to use the VTO feature and then share an interactive link to that photo — along with the CTA to purchase — with others. For instance, a customer could send a bracelet to their husband as a gift idea. The husband would be able to open the photo within VTO and purchase the item directly from there.

Enhanced Immersive Shopping Experience

Expanded Silhouette Library

Silhouettes are used for size comparisons in handbag and furniture shopping. The current library of available silhouettes has been expanded to offer more outfits, gender and size inclusivity. Silhouettes can also be customized to match aesthetic and brand identity. This feature increases buyer confidence by providing the ability to accurately and realistically visualize the product either on themselves or in various room settings. Read more about the adjustable silhouette models here.

Dynamic Comparison

This feature integrates the side-by-side comparison feature with reference items. When customers are visualizing a product within the Tangiblee solution, they will see specific recommendations taken directly from the Product Detail Page that complement the product they are currently viewing. For example, if a customer is viewing a sofa, a complementary chair would be provided as a recommendation and the customer could then visualize that chair alongside the sofa. This feature increases cross-selling and revenue per visitor.

Wall Art AR

Wall Art AR is an extension of the Room View feature. This feature allows customers to visualize artwork on a wall without downloading an app or using additional equipment. Customers can visualize artwork on any wall at scale or within a virtual room in comparison to other household items. Read more about Wall Art AR here.

Enhanced Lifestyle Imagery

Enhanced lifestyle imagery requires no additional photo shoots. This feature delivers realistic, on-brand lifestyle content for a fraction of the time and cost of 3D model creation or photography. Deliver an assortment of lifestyle imagery to increase buyer confidence and product transparency. This feature, applicable to all categories, helps retailers showcase furniture within multiple different rooms and aesthetics, display handbags in various lifestyle settings, and visualize jewelry on various models and outfits. Read more about lifestyle imagery here.

Beyond Traditional AR - Better, Faster, Stronger

Optimized Auto-Capture for VTO

Optimized auto-capture reduces the time it takes for customers to take a photo of their hand, wrist, or ear (for example) to visualize a product. When a customer launches their camera, the Tangiblee solution will automatically capture the photo without any clicks. This creates a quick and smooth process for customers. Customers don’t have to worry about capturing a photo, instead once they get into the correct pose the Tangiblee solution automatically captures the photo. This process is familiar to customers as they use it when scanning documents or mobile depositing checks to their bank.

Mobile-to-Desktop Sync

This feature allows for cross device compatibility. Customers can shop on their desktop and use a QR code to take a photo of their wrist which will then automatically sync on their desktop enabling them to continue shopping via their desktop. Customers are able to continue their shopping experience on their desktop where they began their shopping. Read more about mobile to desktop sync here.

Already a Tangiblee client and looking to implement some of these new features? Reach out to your account executive. Not a client, but interested to learn more about these revolutionary features and what they could mean for your e-commerce site? Schedule a demo here.

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