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2023 Q1 Product Feature Update

Kenzie Wilson
September 5, 2023

Tangiblee is “March”-ing on and capitalizing on our growth from last year, we have continued to push the envelope with AR virtual try-on solutions. Discover the latest features that are revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. 

VTO Clip for rings 

As the market leader in Virtual Try-On solutions for jewelry, Tangiblee continues to evolve the state of the art with its latest innovation: VTO Clip.

Introducing: Tangiblee's VTOClip

Shoppers are able to virtually try on a ring and rotate their hand to view various angles. Similar to our standard virtual try-on solution, shoppers will be asked to take a short video of their hand. Tangiblee’s solution will automatically capture this video and realistically place a ring on the shopper’s finger. Shoppers are also able to create a stacked look using VTO Clip. 

Embed for product detail page (PDP)

Tangiblee Embed allows retailers to place the solution directly within their carousel or anywhere on their website. With Embed, shoppers aren’t presented with a pop-up experience, but rather are able to engage with the experience directly on the product detail page (PDP). This reduces the number of clicks to increase revenue per visitor and conversion rate and creates a consistent shopping experience by keeping the shopper on the PDP. 


Additionally, Embed allows retailers to place Tangiblee anywhere on their website including landing pages. 

Updated What Fits Inside interface

We have updated our What Fits Inside interface to accommodate online shoppers. We have included a new tooltip to appear that lets users know they can interact with the capacity gauge. The capacity gauge slider allows shoppers to readjust the bag’s contents from 0% to 100% full. 

What Fits Inside

The bag is also now visible within the canvas while online shoppers interact with the solution. Shoppers can also hide or show the bag and drag it across the canvas to compare it to any of the items selected. 

Earring Collections

Tangiblee currently offers earring stacking on-model and through virtual try-on. We have recently expanded this capability to include multiple piercing hotspots that your shoppers can engage with and the ability to try on hoops, studs, cuffs, and more. 

Earring Collection

Shoppers are able to create their perfect earring stacked look using Tangiblee’s Earring Collections feature. Once they are happy with the look, shoppers can add all products to their cart with a few simple clicks. This makes it easy for shoppers to complete multiple product purchases thus increasing revenue per visitor. 

Interested in learning more about these features? Schedule a demo today.

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