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How Tangiblee Increases Conversions Without Increasing Overhead

September 5, 2023

Small businesses and retailers often do not have a large marketing budget at their disposal. But in an increasingly competitive environment, it's important to stay on top of the latest tools and technologies designed to drive their business forward. 

There are many technical add-on solutions for e-commerce businesses. Each comes with its own set of headaches and maintenance requirements. This is especially true when looking at optimization tools for business websites. The purpose of these tools is to make the online shopping experience more seamless, giving shoppers the information they need to buy products with confidence.

There are significant benefits to these types of solutions. Here are just a few of the outcomes our clients, for example, have achieved:

Tangiblee client logos of clients that experienced a lift in revenue and conversion and decrease in returns.

Three Ways To Engage Visitors On Your Site:

It’s no secret that engaging and visual experiences are a difference-maker. In fact, visual content remains one of the top conversion drivers, with 75% of online shoppers saying product photos influence their decision to make a purchase.

So, what options do you have when it comes to creating powerful and engaging content? Here are a few solutions that may work for you:

User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is when customers post images or videos of them unboxing your product or using it and sharing their feelings and reactions as they do so. As a result, your business gets free publicity and content and quickly establishes social proof. 

Product Content In-House (Videos/Images)

Sofa photoshoot

Many businesses manage their creative content in-house.  With it, they can decide exactly what to share with the world and how.  They also have a lot of control over how their brand is perceived.

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications 

Probably the most talked about digital solution for e-Commerce in 2020 is Augmented Reality (AR). Among other retail use cases, AR allows customers to"bring" furniture items into their own house or environment using their mobile device.

Why Tangiblee Is Different?

Tangiblee offers the same functionality as all those options above. And it does so without any of the time-consuming or expensive support elements, like hiring a team member or agency.

You can promote customer engagement and interaction without all the overhead, legwork, and maintenance. It’s by far the most cost-effective way to keep your customers engaged on your site and to get them to convert and become customers.

With Tangiblee, you can create interactive experiences using our catalog of contextual images and data, lifestyle photography, your existing product photography, and intuitive functionality to create an interactive experience that’s designed to provide the context your customers need.

Sofa in a roomview

Here’s what else you can do with Tangiblee:

Personalize Each Customer’s Experience

Integrate a robust product experience platform that lets visitors add visual context to everything they want to buy. Increase customer confidence, conversions, and retention while reducing returns.

Create An Interactive, Engaging Shopping Experience

Every product offers a personalized, intuitive shopping experience that gives customers the information they need in a format they understand — no matter their technical acumen.  You cannot underestimate the power of highly engaged, confident shoppers.

Integrate In One Easy Step, with NO Technical Maintenance

Integration is as easy as COPY and PASTE - with absolutely zero maintenance on your end.  If you're in charge of the e-Commerce channel, your team will need 0 resources to maintain Tangiblee.

Transform Your Current 2D Product Images Into Highly Interactive Experiences

Unlike every other interactive solution available for Furniture & Home Decor channels, Tangiblee doesn't require your team to rephotograph or "touch up" your product content.  Your 2D product images are transformed into an engaging, customer-first onsite product experience.

Tangiblee helps you add more context to your product line. And with more context, you allow buyers to order with confidence, improving customer satisfaction, reducing return requests, and boosting conversions.

Schedule a quick demo to learn how Tangiblee will transform your existing Furniture & Home Decor product SKUs into effective, personalized shopping experiences.

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