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How Tangiblee’s Customer Experience Helps Address Uncertainty

November 15, 2021
How Tangiblee’s Customer Experience Helps Address Uncertainty

Finding success in eCommerce is about eliminating barriers and friction in the journey to check-out. Any extra steps or concerns customers have can greatly impact the chance of online conversions.

Today, people shop online because of the convenience it offers. But this convenience has come with a cost. The clarity and confidence experienced through in store shopping remain hard to replicate in online shopping experiences. Simply put, giving customers the ability to ”try on” or physically compare products first has remained a significant hurdle. 

So, what can online retailers do to address uncertainty? This important question is what led to the rise of Tangiblee and its product experience and immersive shopping platform.

Tangiblee has developed a solution specifically to address uncertainty and improve the customer experience for stronger eCommerce performance. Many industry leaders agree that it’s an invaluable option to have in the face of such a competitive marketplace.

In this post, we’ll cover the problems online retailers are facing and how Tangiblee helps take the guesswork out of online shopping experiences.

The Problem Online Retail Shoppers Face

Let’s imagine a scenario when you’re looking for a new handbag online. You’ve found a store and are looking through the catalog of different options when it hits you: there are quite a few similar listings, and you need to determine which one is best for you. For instance:

  • Is it the right size?
  • Is it large enough to carry what you need?
  • Would the bag even look good on you?

These are questions that simply cannot be answered through a basic description. Today’s customers are facing doubt and uncertainty. Even if they decide to make a purchase, they might end up purchasing both products and then returning the one they don’t want. This process is not only a hassle and a waste of time for the customer, it also results in unnecessary expenses for the store. So how do online retailers solve this problem?

  • Provide more in-depth descriptions: Maybe you cover sizing measurements, but those are rarely helpful. More often than not, they mislead customers since sizing is hard to gauge and doesn’t show what a bag looks like in reality. Plus, there’s a limit to how much information you can convey through text.
  • Take more photographs of the product: Keep in mind, though, that taking additional photographs of every product in your catalog adds to the cost.
  • Add images of the handbag being worn by a model: These benchmark images can certainly help, but the majority of model imagery uses model sizes (size 2 or 5.7 feet), which isn’t the average size for most women.

Retailers often struggle to provide enough detail regarding their products online. Products that are identical but come in a variety of sizes are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to compare through model photos when shopping online.

The Tangiblee Answer to Uncertainty

Tangiblee has been developing a platform for eCommerce to provide a “try me” experience. The solution has focused largely on items like handbags, backpacks, and suitcases, but new candidates for customer experience enhancements will be added in the future. Customer concerns are addressed through the following options.

A Contextual “Try On” Feature

Customers can generate a virtual model scaled to their own dimensions and proportions. A handbag can be “worn” virtually this way for the perfect to-scale size comparison. It’s an excellent way to make sure that you’re getting the right size and that the bag looks good on you. It’s also a great way for the user to engage with the product since they can move it, place it on the shoulder, change which side it's on, and so much more.

This powerful experience can also be applied to other products like jewelry and watches, making it a must-have for trend-setting retailers that specialize in handbags, suitcases, backpacks, and wearable accessories.

Product Comparisons at Scale

Going back to the handbag example, imagine trying to decide between two identical bags of slightly different sizes. The Tangiblee platform allows for side-by-side virtual comparisons and can even compare a handbag to whatever you’re looking to store in it.

Customers can scroll through typical items like smartphones, tablets, magazines, and wallets and virtually put them in the bag for a better understanding of its capacity.

This lets customers quickly see what a bag can store, whether a consumer’s phone will fit, and other everyday items. And when it comes to online context, this is a game-changer.

Seeing How Products Fit Into Your Customers' Lifestyle

Just as much as the price and features, customers want to know how a product will impact their daily lifestyle. Tangiblee will allow users to superimpose products onto real-life photographs for a perfectly-to-scale view of how  a handbag looks in reality.

Increasing Confidence on the Journey to Checkout

All these features are intended to boost customer confidence during a critical point in the purchasing process. The less concern, the more likely the checkout button gets clicked. Our platform will:

  • Address buyer uncertainty: Whether someone wants to see how a product looks in use or compared to others in your catalog, you can provide a solution.
  • Minimize friction: Any eCommerce business can tell you how frustrating cart abandonment can be. Customers can use Tangiblee without the need to download or install any apps or programs, cutting down on extra steps.
  • Reduce the chance of returns: Armed with more information, customers are more likely to have a successful purchase on the first try. Any returns that would otherwise occur cut into your profitability and generate frustration for the buyer.

Don’t let buyer hesitation impact your bottom line. Getting the customer experience down right matters more than ever in the world of eCommerce, especially with more and more brick-and-mortar stores closing in favor of online shopping.

What Sets Tangiblee Apart?

Many online services claim to boost the customer experience through coaching or fancy tools, but only Tangiblee’s platform has the functionality and ease of use that will elevate your brand above the competition.

  • Vital information to boost consumer confidence: Potential customers get all their questions answered when deciding on what to buy, raising conversions while lowering return rates.
  • Ease of use for both the online store and the buyer: The Tangiblee platform is web-based and does not require the customer to download or install anything to run. The storefront itself can implement the feature with only a single line of code.
  • Plug-and-play deployment: Stores can get our tool up and running quickly with the entire library of product images. There’s no need to pay for additional photography with models.
  • Unparalleled scalability: Tangiblee leverages your existing product catalog and extracts all the details and images immediately so that the storefront does not need to invest in additional photo shoots. The result is an incredibly scalable platform that requires minimal input from your company.
  • Website optimization: Because Tangiblee designed its platform with the customer experience in mind, the tool is incredibly efficient and runs with minimal risk to your website’s loading speed.
  • Better reputation among buyers: Once your business is known for its excellent service, you will see increased customer retention, more repeat purchases, and lower acquisition costs for future buyers.

Turn Customer Uncertainty Into Conversions

The best evidence of how Tangiblee improves eCommerce experiences comes from our customers. E-Commerce Director Van de Meeberg of The Little Green Bag, for example, emphasized the importance of a “fast visual comparison and confirmation” and mentioned that “Tangiblee lets customers do just that.” In his own words, “customers don’t have to read a lot of text, answer questions, or move through multiple clicks. No steps are required, and it immediately shows you what you want to see. That’s very important.”

Don’t risk another abandoned cart. Get in touch with Tangiblee today to see how a simple, easy-to-use platform can have such significant implications for your conversion rates. Schedule a one-on-one demo with Tangiblee today to learn more.

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