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I Tried On a $150,000 Ring at Home

Kenzie Wilson
July 11, 2023
I Tried On a $150,000 Ring at Home

I am wearing a $150,000 emerald ring. 

A 2-⅜ carat stone framed with vanilla diamonds. And no, it's not mine - sadly.  

So how is it on my hand?

Well, it’s not - technically. Right now I am visualizing this ring using revolutionary AR technology, better known as Virtual Try On.

Screenshot of Tangiblee's Virtual Try-On with a really expensive ring.
NBD: Just me trying on $150,000 Emerald ring.

Virtual Try On allows me to realistically try on any piece of jewelry in real-time. I no longer have to wait until I have time to stop by the jewelry store in order to try on the latest pieces. And in some cases, even if I went into a store, I may not be able to try on the ring I want because it’s unavailable or at another location. 

I am able to scroll through the store’s entire catalog and try on every ring that I am interested in.

Having the ability to try items on at home gives me back my time and provides flexibility to shop on my terms. I can try on as many items as I want from the comfort of my own home.

I can do the same with bracelets, earrings, watches, necklaces, and more.

It is clear that VTO offers an endless list of benefits for the end user, but what about the retailer?

For high-end jewelers, VTO is especially beneficial as they are able to reach a larger global audience. There is a very narrow market for high-end jewelry and physical stores are limited by their location. By offering VTO, high-end jewelers can reach prospective buyers regardless of where they are in the world. 

Additionally, VTO provides an extra level of security. It is much more difficult to steal a virtual piece of jewelry. Jewelers can have peace of mind knowing that their exclusive items are safely stored rather than sitting in a display case.

Whether you are a consumer who wants to try-on expensive jewelry from the comfort of your own home or an online retailer trying to capture a global market with minimal risk, enterprise-ready VTO solutions are already paving the way to the future.

Learn more about what Tangiblee could mean for your high-end jewelry e-commerce website by scheduling a demo here.

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