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Mother's Day Handbag Guide

Chris Nelson
April 16, 2024
Mother's Day Handbag Guide

Mother's Day is coming up soon! If you haven't decided on a gift yet, why not consider a new handbag? We've got a few options we're sure Mom will love. 

Why Handbags? 

A handbag is a universally useful gift. More importantly, it's a gift that's easy to tailor to a person's needs and tastes. If you know that your mom always carries a ton of things in her purse, for example, you can go for a handbag that's large or has plenty of compartments. 

You can also find a handbag tailored to your mom's unique style. If she prefers flash and flair, get her a bag that she can match with her favorite outfits. If her style is a bit more subdued, you can never go wrong with timeless chic designs. Handbags can even be tailored to specific occasions and uses—a playful design for a night out on the town or a more formal bag for the office.

Tangiblee's Top 5 Recommended Handbag Brands

Feeling a bit stuck on where to start shopping? We can help with that. Tangiblee works with some of the world's top apparel brands—we've listed a few of them below to help you along. 

Kate Spade

Sam Beaded Raffia Small Tote

A global lifestyle brand that represents what it terms optimistic femininity, Kate Spade was born when Kate Brosnan Spade, frustrated at a lack of handbags that were utilitarian as well as fashionable, designed her own. It's been more than 30 years since then, and the company's handbags retain Spade's original vision, blending function with form. 


Render Small Crossbody

Originally a leatherworker, Hobo Bags founder Toni Ray spent two decades building a line of renowned leather shops. In 1991, she decided to invest her life savings and try something completely different—a handbag brand built on quality, style, hard work, and kindness. Designed with thick straps and available in a range of high-quality leather, HOBO bags are durable, lightweight, and incredibly stylish. 


Sera Tote — Gummy

Eye-catching design, top quality, and elegance. These are the three pillars on which apparel brand Mlouye is founded, baked into every single one of the company's handbags. Mlouye’s eye-catching angular designs and whimsical color palettes are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. 


ミア トートバッグ (35 ノブレッサ)

Mia Tote Bag

Designed in Milan, Bonaventura's luxury leather goods are grounded in craftsmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to perfection. Each of their high-quality bags is hand-made with premium Fjord and Noblessa calf leather sourced from only the most prestigious tanneries like Perlinger. 

Marc Jacobs

The Woven Large Tote Bag(null)

Woven Large Tote Bag 

Marc Jacobs was the youngest designer ever to receive the CFDA’s Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent—since then, his brand has continued to garner acclaim from critics and customers alike. The Mother’s Day collection is live now if you need some inspiration. 

How to Choose the Right Handbag

As you narrow your selection, you'll want to answer a few questions about your mom's sense of style and needs: 

  • What does she usually bring with her when she goes out? 
  • What are her favorite colors? 
  • What style of clothing does she tend to wear? 
  • What's her color season?

Even knowing the answer to all these questions might not be enough if you're shopping online—a way to check how a handbag looks with an outfit and what fits inside are a big deal when it comes to bags. 

Tangiblee equips retailers with several solutions to these problems.

With Adjustable Silhouettes, for instance, you can check how a handbag will look when paired with various body types or clothing styles. Models can be customized to nearly any size and height, making them the next best thing to having Mom try the handbag out in person. 

Will It Fit lets you check which common items will (and won't) fit inside a handbag. You can choose anything from credit cards and wallets to smartphones and laptops, ensuring that find a bag to fit whatever your mom wants to take with her. There's also Compare To, which lets you view handbags next to everyday items or other products in a retailer's catalog. 

As far as gifts go, you can almost never go wrong with a handbag. And with Tangiblee, you can make doubly sure that the bag you pick out will be a perfect fit—and the perfect way to let Mom know how much you care. 

Interested in learning more about Tangiblee? Schedule a demo to see it in action firsthand. 

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