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Our 2024 Graduation Gift Guide: Find the Perfect Gift

Chris Nelson
May 9, 2024
Our 2024 Graduation Gift Guide: Find the Perfect Gift

There's nothing like the sense of pride a parent experiences upon seeing their child graduate, whether they're accepting a high school diploma or a university degree. With this year's graduation ceremonies quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about how you'll commemorate the occasion. Not to worry—we've put together a gift guide so you have a few ideas for getting started. 

What Should You Get as a Graduation Gift?

While different people will appreciate different kinds of gifts, in our experience, functional daily wear items are your best bet. That translates to accessories like jewelry, watches, and bags—things you know they'll use, in other words. 

What's more, depending on what kind of gift you purchased, what started as a commemorative grad present could eventually become an heirloom passed down to their children. 

How to Choose the Right Gift

The short answer is that it depends on the person. You're probably pretty familiar with your kid by now. You know what they like, you know their dislikes, and you have an idea of how they tend to dress. 

Keep all that in mind when you start shopping for a gift. You want to buy them something they'll actually use. But you'll also want to make sure it's something they can use. 

We can help with that second part, too. If you decide that a pair of earrings and a necklace might be more your kid's style, for instance, you can use our multi-category look builder to stack a bunch of different jewelry pieces on a model. You can do the same thing with watches, rings, and bracelets. 

For bags, meanwhile, you can check on what sort of items they can carry with Will It Fit and see what the bag looks like compared to other bags or common items with Compare To. You can also use Adjustable Silhouettes to give yourself an idea of how a particular bag might look on your child. 

Graduation day is one of the biggest milestones of a person's life. And given that it's less than a month away, it's the perfect time to start shopping for a way to commemorate the occasion. Tangiblee can help ensure you find the perfect match—something that will carry fond memories for decades to come. 

Tangiblee's Top Gift Recommendations for Fresh Graduates

If you're still having some trouble figuring out where you should start, Tangiblee can help—we work with some of the top accessory and apparel brands in the world. You'll find a few of our clients listed below—see if you can't find a bit of inspiration to help you along. 

TUMI Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack

TUMI Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack

Our first gift is perfect for someone who's preparing to go off to university. That said, it could also be a great option for a college grad who's decided to do a bit of traveling before they settle down. Made of recycled leather, this modern and versatile bag is both expandable and stylish. It can also be ordered with a custom monogram. 

The brand behind the backpack, TUMI, is an international lifestyle and accessories brand that primarily caters to travelers. The company prides itself on design excellence and functionality, with each of its products subjected to rigorous testing before being sold. TUMI products are also built to last—each one comes with a lifetime repair warranty, and the company will even help track down lost or stolen bags. 

The Birth Year Executive Desk Set

Danbury Mint Executive Desk Set

If your gift recipient is a little further in their educational journey—think advanced degrees in law or business—then this desk accent could be the perfect fit for their future office. This impressive desk set features a 90% half-silver dollar from your child's birth year, as well as a name plaque and a pen personalized with their initials. The coin is set in a reversible crystal panel, which also features an embedded quartz clock.

The Danbury Mint is a company that should be familiar to any serious collector—it offers a wide range of coins, fine jewelry, and other collectibles. First established back in the 70s, the organization has emerged as a world leader in quality antiques, artwork, and curios. The Stanley Family Foundation is the company's majority shareholder, and half of its profits go toward mental health research. 

Marine Star Series A

Marine Star Series A

When in doubt, a high-quality watch can make for a phenomenal gift—especially if it's one as stylish as Bulova's Marine Star. Pictured above in black and gold, the chronograph sports flat mineral glass, a silicon strap, and six hands for telling both the time and the date. And if you don't think the photo above is quite to their taste, the Series A is available in a range of different styles, such as rose gold and blue, as well as other model variants. 

Bulova has been around for a very long time—since 1875, to be exact. Founder Joseph Bulova was a source of constant innovation in his lifetime, being responsible for everything from standardized production to the invention of the first fully electronic timepiece. That the brand has remained successful for nearly 150 years tells you everything you need to know about its level of quality. 

Interested in learning more about Tangiblee? Schedule a demo to see it in action firsthand. 

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