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Producing Lifestyle Content for Your Handbag Brand Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive & Laborious

November 15, 2021

One of the greatest benefits of eCommerce is the fact that it requires no brick-and-mortar location — ironically, that's also among the greatest challenges retailers face.

When customers shop in physical stores, they can interact with products in a tangible way. They can pick up a bag, see how it feels, and learn through hands-on experience whether or not it's the right size. As an eCommerce retailer, overcoming the online barrier starts with a dynamic, engaging visual experience that includes: 

  • A product showcase on your site's homepage featuring personalized recommendations
  • Layout personalization that presents each customer with the products they're most interested in 
  • Navigation optimized for ease of use and discoverability, including search 
  • Lifestyle imagery, video, and other imagery that provides a complete idea of how each product looks and feels 
  • A checkout process with unobtrusive upselling

The right mix of media has the potential to increase both your conversion rate and your average order value. Conversely, failing to provide a compelling enough experience can have the opposite effect. According to a recent survey, digital shoppers in the United States expect an average of about six images and three videos when viewing a product online, with those in the 18-to-24 and 35-to-44 age groups expecting eight images and at least four videos.  

Visualization aside, the rules around fashion have also been shattered by the pandemic. Prior to 2020, fashion trends were largely dictated from the top by an elite class of designers and models. Today, however, people are experimenting with different styles and product combinations.

One customer might purchase a CHANEL bag to bring to a Pilates class. Another might shop for a satchel that matches their pajama bottoms. Yet one more might look for a purse that matches both their formal wear and casual dress. 

Now more than ever, retailers must provide inspirational imagery with a range of different outfits. Your audience must be able to see each bag with multiple outfit variations. Your buyers want to feel inspired; they want to see themselves in the experiences they might have with a bag — at a party, hitting the gym, or going out for Sunday Brunch. 

Unfortunately, this is where many retailers hit a proverbial brick wall. Providing the level of versatility demanded by modern buyers is expensive. Asset creation requires pricy photoshoots and video sessions for each individual product. 

But it doesn't need to be. 

A Tangible Experience That Won't Break the Bank

We know that bloggers dictate fashion trends. They want to see how that Chanel bag looks with a pilates outfit—or that new black dress. For retailers, the challenge is the cost of creating comparative experiences like these.

With Tangiblee, a personalized and dynamic experience is within your reach. Our comprehensive library of lifestyle images make it easy for retailers to personalize their product detail pages (PDPs) for different trends, events, seasons, and holidays. How it works is simple.

First, Tangiblee extracts a retailer's existing product content from a PDP. We can then place any handbag, backpack, or suitcase within a lifestyle image at scale.  Whether leveraging the retailer's existing lifestyle content library or our own library, we provide near-limitless options and variety. 

Each item can be shown in multiple different scenarios and displayed with different looks, outfits, and colors. Because retailers can deliver lifestyle content without additional staging or photoshoots, imagery can also be swapped out with ease. 

Here are a few of ways online shoppers are using Tangiblee right now:

  • Comparing what a popular bag looks like with multiple outfits
  • Seeing if a specific bag is large enough for their phone, makeup, and other personal items
  • Finding out what a handbag looks like in a variety of inspirational settings

Tangiblee also makes it easy for retailers to optimize and tweak their website, aligning it not just with the PDPs but also with an offline shopping experience. A Coach store during the summer, for instance, will have different decor than during the winter holidays. With Tangiblee, shoppers can get that same experience online. 

Finally, Tangiblee also ensures that the ads in a retailer's campaign also align with PDP lifestyle images, ensuring a cohesive marketing journey for each lead. More importantly, with access to real-time performance reports and metrics, the retailer will have greater visibility into their sales process than ever before. 

On-Brand, Stylish, Curated — All With a Single Line of Code

There are few retail sectors that feel the gulf between physical and digital as keenly as fashion. Bridging that gap requires a comprehensive library of lifestyle content. In the past, this was something accessible only to larger brands.  With Tangiblee, that's no longer the case. All it takes to create an extensive, curated, and current library of lifestyle images is a few clicks. To see our lifestyle content in action, schedule a demo today.

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