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Revolutionary Multi-SKU Bundling Feature Encourages Cross-Selling

Kenzie DeLong
March 10, 2022

Currently, customers can only purchase one product at a time while using Tangiblee and must move to another product description page (PDP) if they want to purchase additional items. The stacking feature took a step in the right direction by allowing customers to view multiple products at once. However, in order to purchase multiple products, they would have to go to the different PDPs. Multi-SKU bundling eliminates clicks by giving customers the ability to purchase multiple products within one experience. Eliminating these additional steps enhances the buyer’s experience and promotes cross-selling.

Success of Jewelry Stacking

Jewelry stacking provides customers with the ability to visualize multiple products at once on their wrist, fingers, ear, etc. At scale, customers can place various pieces on themselves and move them around in order to find the perfect combination and placement. This feature has led to increased conversions, buyer confidence, and a decrease in returns.

While the stacking feature enables the visualization of multiple products, once a customer makes their selections, they must go searching for the other products in order to add them to their cart. These additional steps and time can be off-putting and lead to customers only purchasing the original item or not purchasing at all.  

How Multi-SKU Bundling Increases Revenue per Visit

Multi-SKU bundling eliminates these additional steps by allowing customers to add directly to their cart from the Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience. Customers can view complimentary items and discover a look with multiple products even if they only visited the website looking for one item. Multi-SKU bundling increases RPV by exposing customers to additional products that they wouldn’t have looked at on their own.

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