Tangiblee Introduces the Next Generation of Virtual Try-On (VTO)

May 16, 2022

This story references an article originally posted on Retail Dive.

Chicago, IL - May 16, 2022

Tangiblee, an immersive shopping and AR commerce platform, introduces the next generation of its Virtual Try-On (VTO) solution delivering innovative features that bring more realism to today’s online shopping experiences. The exclusive Tangiblee solution provides smarter VTO with Ring Stacking, Multi-SKU Bundling, Dynamic Lighting and Shadowing Optimization and more. The latest features give retailers the ability to choose from a wide variety of options to meet their brand and corporate goals.

“We are constantly looking for ways to elevate our retailers’ online shopping experience,” remarked Eliad Inbar, CEO and Co-Founder of Tangiblee. “Our VTO experience is unmatched in terms of features and flexibility for retailer implementation, scalability and accessibility. Our new suite of capabilities not only delivers a world-class end-user experience, but also dramatically increases e-commerce conversions.”

One of the newest features includes Dynamic Lighting and Shadowing Optimization. This  capability enhances the lighting and shadows casted on the product so it matches the lighting conditions of the user image and environment. It is crucial in terms of delivering the most realistic try-on experience, especially when the product image is taken in completely different lighting conditions. Lighting and shadowing optimization happens automatically in the background using Tangiblee’s Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision algorithm stack. The final results produce the retail industry’s most realistic VTO experience for products such as jewelry and watches.

Tangiblee additionally rolled out a Ring Stacking feature that allows customers to curate a custom look with multiple products. The smarter VTO solution detects which finger is open to avoid placing a virtual ring on top of a real ring that the user might be wearing. All of these optimizations contribute to more realistic online shopping experiences.

The global virtual try-on software market is projected to grow at a CAGR value of 25.5% from 2021 to 2026, as cited by Global Market Estimates (GME). This rapid growth demands constant evolution and ongoing innovation and requires different approaches for different vertical markets.

Tangiblee’s new VTO features help accelerate innovation within the AR commerce industry. Retail clients across various vertical markets including jewelry, handbags, luggage, furniture, lighting and home decor are already delivering immersive shopping experiences. See the Inspiration Collection for live examples.

About Tangiblee

Tangiblee is an enterprise-ready, immersive shopping and augmented reality (AR) e-commerce platform. The world’s largest brands are working with Tangiblee to deliver highly interactive online experiences in days, not months or years. An alumnus of the Techstars 2014 class, Tangiblee is revolutionizing the online buying experience for some of the world’s top retailers including Fossil, Home24, Living Spaces, MCM Worldwide, Tacori, and more. Tangiblee’s interactive eCommerce solutions — including Virtual Try-On (VTO), Compare, Lifestyle Imagery and more —  dramatically improve the bottom line for retailers, increasing conversions and average order value and reducing returns.

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