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Travel Smarter: How Tangiblee's Solution Supports Luggage Retailers

September 5, 2023

The travel sector was hit especially hard by the pandemic, but recovery is on the horizon.  

Nearly nine in ten American travelers have plans to travel in the next six months. The Global Business Travel Association, meanwhile, found that nearly three-quarters of its clients believe employees are willing to travel for business in the current climate. Expedia found that 46% of people will start traveling more with the widespread distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine

Concurrent with this renewed interest in travel, the luggage industry is experiencing a revival, as well. In March and April of this year, for instance, The NPD Group reports that luggage sales returned to 80% of their 2019 levels. Given this trend, it seems only a matter of time before things return to some semblance of normalcy. 

That isn't to say that it's all roses, however. Travel still involves many restrictions, a multitude of challenges, and a great deal of uncertainty. That extends to luggage sales, which frequently must still be made online. 

While Tangiblee can’t control airline travel restrictions, we can limit the uncertainty and friction involved in digital luggage sales. 

The Trouble With Buying Luggage Online

Online luggage retailers face many of the same challenges as fashion and apparel merchants. Sales of their products are typically best done through traditional brick-and-mortar channels. 

In a digital context, it's difficult to visualize what the measurements on a piece of luggage's product page actually mean. 

Let's say, for instance, a suitcase is 22 inches tall and 14 inches wide with a depth of 9 inches. While some of your audience might be able to figure out scale, for most people, those numbers are functionally meaningless. Most shoppers will want to ensure that their belongings will fit in a bag while keeping with airline restrictions before they purchase. 

That isn't something they can do with measurements alone. And lifestyle photos, though crucial, don't provide a complete enough notion of scale. Here's where Tangiblee's Suitcase Solution comes in. 

Our solution provides customers with an interactive, intuitive interface through which they can engage with a retailer's products. Built for optimal customer experience, it's asynchronous and web-based, with an incredibly light footprint. It's also incredibly easy to implement, requiring just a single line of code on your site. 

That line of code helps luggage retailers improve the customer experience in a few ways: 

Size Comparison

Customers can view the luggage next to an adjustable avatar scaled to their specific height and size. They can also view two suitcases side-by-side to see how they actually look. With minimal effort, they can gain a clearer idea of how using the luggage might actually feel. 

Luggage Fit

Customers can scroll through several different items, including an iPad, iPhone, and laptop to see how it fits and gain a better understanding of what a particular suitcase or bag can contain. 

Airline Carry-On Fit

Tangiblee provides each airline's restrictions and guidelines for both suitcases and carry-on bags so that visitors can ensure they can actually bring their prospective purchase with them when they travel. 

Better Imagery

Tangiblee leverages your existing product content, automatically extracting details and images from your PDPs. These images can be used for more than size comparisons, as well. You can also use them to create a curated, varied library of lifestyle images to even further improve engagement and conversions. 

Engage, Inform, and Convert With Tangiblee

From a retailer's perspective, customer confidence is the most significant barrier to conversions.

Through Tangiblee, you can eliminate that barrier.  Provide customers with easy answers to their most important questions and reduce the chance of a product return. Generate more leads and gain more repeat buyers through better engagement. Reduce acquisition costs through a better customer experience. 

With Tangiblee, you can achieve all that and more. Book your demo today to see how leading luggage retailers are using Tangiblee to transform the customer experience.

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