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Catalog of Adjustable Silhouettes

Catalog of available adjustable silhouettes to create a branded experience.



Gender Neutral



Colored & Shaded Silhouettes

Client Created Silhouettes

Example 01

Example 02

Example 03

Example 04

Size Range




Silhouette Creation Process & Timeline

  1. Client shares with Tangiblee either a reference image, or their own silhouette design:
  2. If Client shares a reference image, Tangiblee Design team will reference that image as inspiration in a creating a complementary silhouette for Client’s review & approval
  3. If Client shared their own silhouette, Tangiblee Design team will generate all possible size versions of that silhouette, pending feedback shared, if any, from Tangiblee’s side
  4. A rear (or other non-front-facing facing angle) silhouette is needed depending for non-front-facing use cases, ie. Backpack category coverage, etc.
  5. Tangiblee Design team generates the silhouette’s size ranges
  6. Tangiblee Development team runs internal QA testing, ensuring silhouette accuracy and functionality within the respective Tangiblee experience(s)
  7. Tangiblee Onboarding team sends Client interactive preview links to validate the silhouette size ranges created
  8. New silhouettes go live on PRD

Entire process: 2-3 weeks

  • Please keep in mind - multiple silhouettes will take longer to create and implement (same logic applies to additional silhouette angles requested)


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