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Allow users to engage with Tangiblee’s solution directly on the product page with no pop-ups.

The Embed Experience gives users the ability to engage with Tangiblee directly on the Product Detail Page (PDP) without clicking a Call-To-Action (CTA). Both On Model and Lifestyle Imagery can be configured in multiple ways including tiled PDP, PDP with the main image, and PDP with carousel, as well as a mobile version. This feature is completely customizable based on the retailers’ needs.

Benefits for the retailer:

  • Tangiblee provides both On Model and Lifestyle Imagery eliminating the need for additional photoshoots.
  • Limits the number of clicks to checkout increasing conversion rates.
Embed Experience on Desktop
Embed Experience Example

User Experience

When users select a product and open the PDP, Tangiblee immediately populates within the tile images, main image or carousel. Users can then hover over the images to interact with the experience. Users can interact with the products through On Model, Comparison Mode, Virtual Try-On (VTO), and more.

Embed can be configure in multiple different ways and is customizable based on the retailer’s needs. See some of configuration options below:

Tiled PDP (Desktop)

Tiled PDP Embed Experience Configuration for Desktop

PDP with Main Image (Desktop)

PDP with Main Image Embed Experience Configuration for Desktop

PDP with Carousel (Desktop)

PDP with Carousel Embed Experience for Desktop

Mobile PDP


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