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On Model - Wrist Size Selector

Allow your shoppers to visualize what a watch will look like on various wrist widths.

Allow your online shoppers to adjust the size of the model’s wrist to visualize how the watch face will realistically look on your wrist. The watch face will accurately scale to match the size of the wrist.

Benefits for the retailer:

  1. Enhances the customer experience.
  2. Increases customer confidence thus reducing returns.

User Experience:

Online shoppers can open the Tangiblee solution and select the “On Model” button. Shoppers are able to adjust the model’s wrist size to three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The watch face will remain at scale, so that shoppers can visualize the size of the watch face in comparison to the size of their wrist.  Shoppers can also toggle between inches and centimeters to view relevant product dimensions.

Wrist Size Selector for Watches