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Size & Color Selectors - Jewelry

Enable users to select different sizes and colors of a product within the Tangiblee experience.

Allow your online shoppers to select different sizes and colors of a product, compare colors against other items, and add products to their cart all within the Tangiblee experience. Users no longer have to leave the Tangiblee experience in order to visualize a product in a different size or color.

Benefits for the retailer:

  • Improves the customer experience.
  • Limits the number of clicks to checkout increasing conversion rates.

User Experience

Within Tangiblee’s experience, users can select different sizes and colors of an item. Users can compare the various colors against other items, on a model, or on themselves. Once the user is happy with their choice they can add the products in their selected size and color to their cart.

Size Selector for Rings
Example of Size Selector