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A Sneak Peek At Upcoming Features From Tangiblee

By Tangiblee
September 5, 2023

Tangiblee is going big in 2021 and the team wanted to share a sneak peek at some of its upcoming features & newest functionalities - some of which have never been seen on the e-commerce market.

In 2020, Tangiblee rolled out its Virtual Try-On for both the jewelry & watch retail categories.  Its Virtual Try-On is a web-based Augmented Reality technology which utilizes existing imagery on your website that - unlike most A/R solutions - requires NO 3D scanning or processing & no additional technical requirements. 

In addition to the successful jewelry & watch Virtual Try-On launch, Tangiblee has future plans to offer a Virtual Try-On solution for Fashion Accessories categories (handbags, wallets, backpacks, etc.) as well as the development of a "MyRoomView" Augmented Reality solution for Furniture & Home Decor retail categories.

Ring Stack Bundling

Tangiblee ring stack with bundling (add to cart!)

One of the most anticipated capabilities on its roadmap, Tangiblee has developed a way for customers to not only 'build a ring stack', but, coming soon, customers will be able to add every ring within the stack to their shopping cart without having to redirect to every item's product page.  

Not even has the capability to take multiple product SKUs & offer customers the ability to mix and match complementing products that can seamlessly be added to a customer's shopping cart in one click.

Tangiblee multi-item add to cart feature

The initial rollout of the Ring Stack Bundling functionality will be serviceable for retail clients using Shopify, Shopify+, or SalesForce Commerce Cloud platforms only. 

However, the team has plans to roll out the Bundling functionality to more e-commerce platforms after this initial deployment hits the market based on demand.

Desktop Virtual Try-On with Mobile Syncing

Tangiblee virtual try-on mobile to desktop sync

When we saw just how popular virtual try-on technology was becoming, it was clear the desktop shopping experience needed to match the mobile experience.  But creating the same Virtual Try-On experience for desktop has significant challenges due to the hardware on most computers.

Most desktop monitors don't have a built-in camera; and while most newer laptops do include a camera, it is not high-resolution.  In addition, the static nature on a desk proves challenging to get in the right pose (for example, holding your hand up to see a ring on your finger, which now blocks you from seeing the screen).

Open your mobile phone's camera and scan the QR code.
QR code opens the product's VTO on Mobile.
The pictures from your phone automatically appear on the desktop widget.

What makes Tangiblee's Virtual Try-On so impactful is its simplicity to a user.  Even if some users continue shopping on their desktop, their mobile phone will still be within their arms' reach.  And simplicity is not an option for a desktop-driven Virtual Try-On functionality.

As such, Tangiblee's product team made the strategic decision to keep the Virtual Try-On as a mobile function - but then focused on making a user's transition from desktop to mobile as seamless and as frictionless as possible.  

We mentioned QR code functionality in our earlier features release post; however, the real-time sync between your mobile device & the desktop is new - and we're excited to tell you more about it in the coming months.

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