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Boost E-commerce Growth: Tangiblee Management Portal

Kenzie Wilson
September 5, 2023

The e-commerce industry only continues to grow since the boom in 2020. We can no longer credit the pandemic for this growth but rather the shift in buyer preferences. Online shoppers are more inclined to whip out their smartphones to shop instead of heading to the nearby mall.

However, with this preference for online and mobile shopping comes growing expectations for what the experience should look like for retailers. Online shoppers are looking for immersive experiences that allow them to interact and engage with items as they would in-store. 

To keep up with this growing demand, retailers are researching AR solutions that will enable them to provide these experiences. Given that these solutions live on retailers’ e-commerce websites, it is critical that they select the right solution. 

While these AR solutions are valuable for establishing a brand as tech-forward and keeping up with the times, it’s crucial to have relevant information to evaluate the validity of solution partners. One way that online retailers can evaluate an immersive shopping solution is by tracking key metrics. This includes conversion rates, revenue per visitor, and of course, return on investment. 

However, many solutions don’t provide any assistance when it comes to metrics tracking. This leaves a large burden on the retailer to set up and maintain an analytics tracking process. Without critical business intelligence and insights, retailers may be missing out on significant revenue opportunities.

Tangiblee values metrics

Our team understands the importance of analytics, not only when evaluating new solutions, but throughout the duration of the partnership. This is why Tangiblee has created its own Tangiblee Management Portal (TMP) that provides clients with key metrics, including revenue per visitor, conversion rate, and more. 

Retailers can rely on Tangiblee to set up and maintain these analytics. We value transparency, so retailers can access the TMP whenever they would like to evaluate these.

Just take it from our clients. 

“We were astonished by the results that Tangiblee provided,” stated Blair Peterson with Dana Rebecca Designs. “Ryan was completely transparent with us regarding results, and we are always able to access them through the Tangiblee Management Portal.” 

Not only does the TMP provide our clients with transparency into insightful analytics, but it also allows us to prove our worth. 

Here are just a few of the valuable metrics we have provided to our clients:

1. Jewlr - 10.4% increase in conversion rate 

2. MCM Worldwide - 204% increase in revenue per visitor

3. Apt2B - 11.8% increase in average order value

Adapting to the changing buyer preferences is no longer a choice but rather a necessity. We can no longer chalk the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry up to the pandemic. Consumer behavior has changed permanently, with people now wanting interactive and immersive online shopping experiences. 

Augmented Reality has quickly staked its claim as the strategy for creating these interactive experiences. Numerous companies have ventured into this realm, presenting diverse AR solutions tailored for online retailers. It’s pivotal for retailers to evaluate their immersive experiences and their ability to measure metrics that signify success. 

In the pursuit of excellence, the TMP works to provide guidance and transparency for retailers when evaluating Tangiblee. We have not only created a market leading immersive shopping solution but have also ushered in a new era of accountability. The TMP shows our dedication to the success of all clients and the value of using data to make decisions. 

The resounding endorsement from our clients, such as the ones mentioned above, underscores the transformative impact of the TMP. The results speak for themselves, paving a path to enhanced conversion rates, amplified revenue per visitor, and elevated average order values.

Looking to elevate your online shopping experience while also tracking analytics in order to make data-driven decisions? Schedule a demo with Tangiblee today.

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