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How To Communicate Product Sizing for Handbags

September 5, 2023

A handbag is one of the most important accessories a customer will buy. It is, after all, where they'll store all their daily essentials — everything from their phone and wallet to medication. The problem with buying handbags online is that the customer doesn't always know if their belongings will actually fit inside the bag.

That's something you as a retailer need to communicate to them. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Product sizing isn't something you can effectively convey with just a few photos, after all. You'd need a veritable library of images for every single bag. 

To call that approach infeasible would be putting it lightly. 

And while you can certainly share the dimensions of each handbag, that doesn't really tell anyone what will fit inside. Measurements are largely abstract. Most people aren't going to get much out of them. 

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Static numbers also give no indication of how a bag will fit on a person's body.  And because everyone's body is a little bit different, even hiring a diverse cast of models to show off each bag won't be enough. You need to do more. 

That's where Tangiblee comes in. 

A smarter way to show sizing

Prioritizing interactivity and inclusivity, Tangiblee's immersive shopping and augmented reality solution was designed with the needs of online apparel retailers in mind. Our platform makes it easy to accurately convey sizing information across your entire selection. More importantly, it allows you to deliver a personalized experience to each and every shopper.

Here are just a few of the things it can do: 

  • Product Comparisons. Provide your customers with a visual representation of product dimensions via an interactive comparison tool. They'll no longer need to guess whether a particular bag is big enough. Instead, they can see the bag side-by-side with other bags and even common items like phones, wallets, and laptops. 
  • Interactive Models. Everyone's body is a little bit different, and a handbag that looks great on one person might not fit another. Show that you understand with customizable silhouettes. These adjustable models can be tweaked to almost any size and height, meaning they're the next best thing to actually trying on a bag in person. 
  • What Fits Inside? (WFI). Even if a bag seems big enough and looks good, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the right choice. With Tangiblee's WFI feature, customers can see for certain whether or not a bag will fit all their personal items. 

Enjoy the benefits of buyer confidence

It's easy to buy something like groceries online. You don't need to visualize how a pizza will look over your shoulder. You don't need to know whether or not you can fit your cell phone inside a roll of toilet paper.

Handbags are different. A customer needs to know how a bag looks on them and how much it can hold. Buying a bag without that knowledge is a recipe for disappointment.

For you as a retailer, that means a few things: 

  • Increased Product Returns. A customer who's received a bag that doesn't fit their needs is almost guaranteed to return it. And unless you want to alienate your prospects and lose out on even more sales, you're going to be the one that eats the cost of that return. 
  • Reduced Conversions. Someone might check your online store for a bag they're interested in only to back out at the last minute because they're not sure if the bag fits their needs. 
  • Lower Customer Satisfaction. Today's shoppers want more than static storefronts and boring product detail pages. They want engaging, compelling shopping experiences. They don't just want to buy something, they want to enjoy the purchase process, as well.  Should you fail to provide that enjoyment, many of them will very likely seek out a competitor — and those that remain will be far less satisfied overall. 

As you've probably guessed, Tangiblee addresses all three of the above problems. By equipping your store with our augmented reality tools, you'll not only provide your customers with the confidence they need to make more purchases, you'll do so in a way that makes the buying experience more enjoyable overall. And in the long term, that translates to increased revenue and a thriving digital brand. 

Schedule a demo to see Tangiblee in action firsthand.

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