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Optimize Your Existing Product Imagery To Create Immersive Online Experiences

Kenzie Wilson
April 4, 2023

Product photography is expensive and time-consuming. Average rates can range from $20 - $300 per product. This doesn’t include the time that full-time employees spend coordinating and managing the shoot. 

Once the product photography is shot, there is little personalization or customizations that can be made. Therefore, shoppers are only presented with limited product photographs that don’t offer any interactivity. 

Given the limited selection of photos, it can be difficult for online shoppers to purchase with confidence. To increase customer confidence, retailers feel that the only option is to re-shoot additional product imagery. Which again is incredibly costly and time-consuming. 

However, retailers can optimize their existing product imagery to increase customer confidence, reduce returns, and increase revenue per visitor with immersive shopping solutions. Using a single line of code, online retailers can equip their e-commerce websites with Tangiblee experiences including Virtual Try-On, Contextual Shopping, Lifestyle Content, and more

Tangiblee takes the retailer’s existing 2D content and creates immersive shopping experiences. Retailers aren’t required to take additional product imagery or commit a full-time employee to manage the software. Our team takes on all of the heavy lifting managing, auditing, and maintaining the experience. 

Once we retrieve the 2D assets from the retailer, our team is able to place them realistically on lifestyle models and generate model imagery with no additional photography. Tangiblee can create virtual try on and comparison experiences from these 2D assets that increase revenue per visitor and conversions. 

To learn more about optimizing your existing product imagery, schedule a demo today.

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