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Tangiblee Releases New Ring Stacking Feature

October 29, 2021

It’s official, ring stacking is now available with Tangiblee. 

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and elevate the customer experience. When we saw just how popular and creative the ring stacking trend was in 2019 and 2020, we knew we had to add it to Tanglibee.

In Fall 2020, we rolled out our On Model ring stacking feature, which enables the jewelry shoppers to “stack” several rings on a model hand, using any ring on the retailer’s digital catalog. With the ring stacking trend looking to be one of the top accessorizing styles for 2021, we decided to go “all-in” in our development of this interactive feature. This month, we launched Ring Stacking not only on Tangiblee’s StudioTangiblee Compare UX, but also on our web-based augmented reality UX—Tangiblee’s Virtual Try-On.

Tangiblee ring stacking feature

Tangiblee’s Virtual Stacking feature allows jewelry shoppers to see rings on their own hands and stack multiple rings on their own fingers. Shoppers only need to snap a few pictures of their hand (left or right) and can add and arrange multiple rings from the catalog on their own hand.

Our stacking feature release is part of the core Tangiblee platform and is available as an add-on to existing Tangiblee clients for both the AR UX or Standard UX.

An important note about Tangiblee’s Virtual Try-On is that it requires no 3D images and no app. Existing Tangiblee clients that already have the Tangiblee Studio & Compare UX can add Virtual Try-On on every jewelrySKU in a matter of days which includes the Stacking feature.

Additionally, there is also a standard Ring Stacking on Model feature that doesn’t require augmented reality.  Either way, jewelry shoppers can stack rings and experiment with different styles and collections using a lifestyle model or their own hand.

Should ring stacking be on your radar?

Stacking rings isn’t a new trend by any means, but its recent surge in popularity is undeniable. 

Fashion magazine Stylight saw clicks for stackable rings increase by nearly 1700% in 2020. Even the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle, was spotted with a set of stunning stackable rings.

It’s clear that ring stacking is more than a fashion fad. Some of the biggest jewelry brands in the world have created stackable ring collections, with Tiffany & Co. saying their Tiffany Celebration® rings “are made for stacking.”

Here are a few reasons why online retailers can’t afford to ignore this trend:

Sell more rings, generate more revenue. Stacking rings means your customers need to purchase multiple rings. This makes it an easy way for you to upsell and boost jewelry sales.

Create an interactive shopping experience. Your customers want a fun and interactive shopping experience. Ring stacking is incredibly easy and gives your customers a sense of freedom to explore their unique styles.

Wedding and engagement rings are part of this trend. Stackable rings go far beyond simple pieces. This trend even includes high-end wedding bands and engagement rings.

Mix and match thin and thick rings. It’s all about creativity when it comes to stacking rings. The best looks seamlessly blend together rings of all thicknesses and styles to create a truly unique look.

Ready to add ring stacking to your website?

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to add ring stacking to your online shopping experiences. 

If you’re already a Tangiblee client, simply reach out to your salesperson and ask for the details.  For clients, adding Ring Stacking AR or On Model to their existing Tangiblee experience can be activated and live on-site within days.

If you’re not currently working with Tangiblee, the integration and onboarding process is as simple as:

  1.  Add a snippet of code to your tag manager
  2.  Confirm how you want your UX to look (colors, styling, model imagery, etc.)
  3.  Tangiblee is live across your catalog.

No app or 3D images are required. It's really that easy.

More exciting news coming in March 2021

Ring stacking is only the beginning of something much bigger. We plan to extend the stacking trend to other pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches by the end of March 2021. 

Even more exciting is our Multi-Product Bundling Capability, which enables shoppers to add the multiple rings on the hand into their shopping cart at one click of a button. By April 2021, shoppers can try on a whole stacked look that may include a watch, several bracelets, and a ring and have that entire look added to the cart.

Learn more about the various Ring Stacking with a 15-min demo.

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