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Barbara Garces

How Tangiblee increased Citizen Watch company's revenue per visitor by addressing size and scale

Citizen Watches

Citizen is a luxury watch manufacturer that's been leading the industry with almost 100 years of expertise. Their philosophy is that a watch is something that people will use and cherish for a long time. With this in mind, Citizen strives to create the highest quality product for their customers. Citizen has built a reputation for providing incredible watches that come with an exclusive luxury experience. 

Citizen is constantly innovating and pushing the envelope in the watch industry. With many consumers turning to online shopping rather than shopping in-store, Citizen wanted to provide an immersive online shopping experience.

Challenges: Addressing size and scale 

Like many jewelry and watch brands, Citizen struggled to address size and scale discrepancies. It is difficult for consumers to know how a watch will look on their wrist based solely on product imagery and measurements.

This can lead to increased returns, as it can be difficult to know what something will look like before buying it.

A watch can be a family heirloom, an outfit statement piece, a part of a collection, and more. Citizen wants their shoppers to be able to browse and try on a variety of watches online, so they can find the perfect one for them. A major part of this is providing a realistic virtual try-on experience, relatable and interactive model imagery and more.


Revenue Per Visitor

Barbara Garces

Enter Tangiblee: Increasing customer confidence through Virtual Try-On (VTO)

After seeing Tangiblee’s solution on other brands and retailers' websites, Citizen was interested to see how the solution could improve their online experience. Citizen wanted a solution that could provide their customers with a more accurate representation of the product. They hoped this, in turn, would increase customers’ confidence and reduce returns.  

“Citizen has great product imagery which made it easy for us to help bridge the gap to achieve an immersive shopping experience,” says Ryan McLaughlin, Director of Accounts at Tangiblee. “We took their 2D images and turned them into highly interactive experiences including Virtual Try-On, On-Model Imagery, and more.” 

Before fully deploying Tangiblee on their site, Citizen conducted an A/B test to ensure that Tangiblee was the right fit for them. The A/B test was incredibly successful, statistically significant, and Citizen committed to a full rollout and additionally added Tangiblee to the Bulova website in parallel. Bulova is an American watch company owned by the multinational conglomerate Citizen Watch Co. 

Barbara Garces

Results: Increased revenue per visitor by providing an immersive shopping experience

Citizen was very pleased with the results that they saw with Tangiblee. Within a few weeks of A/B testing, they had determined that Tangible was going to be a great solution for both Citizen and Bulova. Implementation was a smooth process and Citizen proceeded to add Tangiblee's solution to both Citizen US and Bulova sites.

Citizen saw an 15.7% increase in revenue per visitor (RPV) and a 7.98% increase in conversions. Tangiblee’s solution allowed customers to interact with products as they would in a physical store. This capability gave customers the confidence to purchase luxury items online.

Additionally, customers were now purchasing more products during their online visit while using Tangiblee.

“We love to produce these kinds of results for our clients,” stated Ryan McLaughlin, Director of Accounts at Tangiblee. “We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to confirm our fit for Citizen, and we will use the results delivered as a baseline on top of which we will continue to improve, and deliver more value moving ahead.”


Conversion Rate

Barbara Garces

What’s Next: Accelerating e-commerce growth

“Citizen is super responsive and a great company to work alongside,” says Ryan McLaughlin, Director of Accounts at Tangiblee. “You can truly see their passion for their work and the products that they create. We look forward to bringing new innovative features to Citizen’s online shoppers and expanding across all Citizen sites.”

Tangiblee looks forward to maintaining this relationship and accelerating Citizen’s e-commerce growth.

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