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What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day: More VTO, Less Returns

Heidi Elgaard
May 11, 2023

Mother’s Day — the third largest retail holiday in the U.S. — is just around the corner. With a massive spike in sales usually comes a massive spike in returns: The bag that was too small, for example, or the earrings that were too big. 

Returns are costly and time-consuming for both retailers and online shoppers. Retailers can either prepare for this spike in returns, or they can be proactive to reduce returns prior to Mother’s Day. 

Retailers who want to maximize sales and reduce returns can help facilitate online gift purchases by delivering immersive experiences that can be shared with their loved ones. This is especially helpful for moms who want to make things easy on their families by sending “hints” to their husbands and kids.

The best way for retailers to be proactive about reducing returns prior to Mother’s Day is to make sure their website offers the best immersive shopping experiences possible.

What are immersive shopping experiences?

Immersive shopping experiences are defined as simulation-based technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR)  to create interactive and highly personal shopping experiences. 

A popular example of an immersive shopping experience is Virtual Try-On (VTO). 56% of online shoppers are excited to see immersive shopping experiences. Virtual Try-On enables online shoppers to try before they buy from the comfort of their own homes. 

More importantly, Tangiblee’s VTO solution allows shoppers to share their VTO photos with others. The recipient is then able to open the photo on a unique landing page and purchase the product. Specifically for Mother’s Day, moms can try on earrings, bracelets, rings, and more to send to their families for a gift idea. 

Being able to visualize the product on the recipient of the gift increases customer satisfaction and confidence. 

Another example of an immersive shopping experience is Adjustable Silhouettes. This feature allows online shoppers to adjust the height and size of a virtual model to mimic their body type. The shopper can then see how a handbag will look realistically on themselves. 

Mother’s Day VTO buyer’s guide

Here are some mom-friendly items with great VTO experiences powered by Tangiblee that we recommend:

Coach - Willow Shoulder Bag

Most mom’s have had their share of black and brown bags, and after having kids, they may appreciate the Willow Shoulder Bag color option, like soothing silver blue (my favorite). To make sure the bag sizing is right, moms can “virtually try on” the bag with their frame size using the height and size sliders. The bag can also be compared to household items like a laptop computer or other catalog items like wallets.

Noemie - Three Diamonds Stacking Ring

This ring is elegant on its own, but if moms want to join the ring-stacking craze, it’s also the perfect starter ring for stacking. Try a picture of the  hand and try the ring on your finger, move it and stack with other items. 

Victorinox - Alliance XS Watch

Electronic watches may take your heart rate and tell you how many steps you’ve walked, but there’s something about high-end timepieces that tell a mom she’s arrived. I have always loved this brand for knives and backpacks, but their watches are truly stunning. Virtual Try-On of many styles is a huge plus for busy moms.

Living Spaces Wall Decor - Blue Waves Framed Wall Art

As much as mom’s love pictures of their kids, they might want to create a Zen space in their home like a yoga or pilates room, or just a place to escape the noise. Tangiblee client Living Spaces offers a variety of Wall Art options that give  online shoppers the ability to visualize the piece in various spaces alongside other furniture and home decor items.

A no-hassle Mother’s Day week is within the reach of every retailer.

Not all VTO and AR experiences are created equal. And you’d think that putting the best to work on your website would take serious time and money. It turns out that’s not the case. With Tangiblee, implementation is a breeze, because our team does all the heavy lifting. With just a single line of code, you can have your entire product catalog equipped with immersive shopping experiences. 

Getting started is easy. Simply schedule a free live demo today with Tangiblee.

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