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Client Interview

An Interview with Rebecca Minkoff's SVP of Digital Innovation and eCommerce


SVP Krissie Millan from Rebecca Minkoff discusses how Tangiblee's partnership helped online customers understand size and fit.

“We’ve been pioneers in what many retailers call the ‘see, buy, wear’ movement and have become focused on becoming a direct-to-consumer business,” Millan explains. “One of the things that we’ve noticed, to be successful in this space, is to provide immediate gratification to shoppers.”

Long story short, shoppers want confidence in the products that they’re buying. It’s up to Millan and her team to make that goal a reality.

At the 3-month mark, Millan and her team saw statistically significant lifts — 9% in terms of conversion rate and 13-15% in terms of average order values (AOVs) — signals that Tangiblee was improving shopping experiences on a holistic level.

After 6 months, the team at Rebecca Minkoff recognized the need for Tangiblee to become a core part of the company’s brand experience strategy.

Read about the partnership between Rebecca Minkoff and Tangiblee–and how Tangiblee delivered an inclusive, effective experience for Rebecca Minkoff's diverse customer-base.