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2022 Wrap Up: Elevating E-commerce Brands’ Online Presence

Eliad Inbar
December 20, 2022

Capitalizing on the growth from last year, Tangiblee has continued to push the envelope with their immersive online shopping solutions. 

With a recession looming, retailers have to be capital efficient and invest their money where they are seeing ROI. Cost of acquisition is skyrocketing up to $205 for B2B SaaS companies and $87 for e-commerce. Retailers don’t have a choice anymore, but to invest in ROI proven solutions that impact the bottom line. 

One of the major ways that online retailers have started to do this is through augmented reality (AR). The AR industry is expected to reach $50 billion by 2024 and 61% of consumers say that they prefer shopping with retailers who offer AR experiences. 

However, still only 1% of online retailers are utilizing AR. 2023 is the year to listen to your customers!

Many retailers fear that AR is expensive, time consuming, and resource draining. With Tangiblee, you don’t have to pay for additional photoshoots as we use your existing product imagery to create our experience. We remain committed to providing high quality AR experiences that are accessible to every retailer and brand. 

Some Tangiblee highlights from 2022 include: 

  • Virtual Room Staging - furniture feature that allows shoppers to create their perfect space with multiple catalog items
  •  What Fits Inside - dynamic feature that allows shoppers to place various items within a bag to understand its capacity
  • Tangiblee Embed - a fully flexible and modular framework of Tangiblee UX, that you can embed on any page, and layout of your website
  • 4 out of the top 5 luxury jewelry websites in the world are Tangiblee clients
  • Now serving over 430 retailers and brands worldwide

We will be revealing our next generation VTO Clip that is unlike anything that has been done before at the NRF Big Show - January 15 -17 at the Javits Center in New York (booth #1111). 

2023 brings a whole new opportunity for Tangiblee to continue to elevate and innovate. Experts are already predicting exciting trends for the upcoming year, including:

Now is the time to join the AR movement and provide your customers with an immersive online shopping experience. Going to NRF Big Show? Schedule a 1:1 session with Tangiblee here. 

Can’t make it, no worries! Request an online demo here.

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