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Avoiding Surprises at the Gate: Ensuring Your Carry On Luggage Is The Right Size

April 18, 2023

It's sometimes hard to believe that we ever missed airline travel. From exhaustive security checks to endless delays and layovers, flying can often feel like an exercise in frustration.This is especially true when it comes to carry on luggage.

There's a reason that carry-on requirements represent one of the top five pain points of air travel, coming in just behind a lack of onboard services and just ahead of punctuality. 

Not only must you keep track of restricted and allowed items, you also need to ensure your luggage meets the size and weight guidelines for every airline you intend to fly with. Unfortunately, that's often easier said than done. 

Too much baggage: Dealing with oversized carry on luggage

Every airline maintains its own size and weight requirements where carry on is concerned. That means that as a traveler, you can't simply grab a backpack and toss in a few essentials. You need to ensure your carry-on luggage isn't oversized.

Because if you don't, one of three things will likely happen at check-in: 

  1. You'll have to check your bag, and hope that any valuables you've packed reach your destination intact — and that no one decides to rummage around.
  2. You'll be charged an oversized luggage fee on top of what is already an expensive trip. 
  3. You may be asked to repack your bag and transfer items to your checked luggage until your carry on meets the airline's requirements. 

Even once you make it through the baggage check process, you may find it difficult to safely store your carry-on once you board the plane. 

There's also the embarrassment that comes with delaying the boarding process — something you'll very likely end up doing with an oversized carry on bag. 

Traditionally, this whole scenario leaves you with two choices. You can painstakingly measure and weigh your carry-on once it's packed to ensure it's not too large or heavy. Alternatively, you can eyeball it and hope as you approach the gate that you made the right call. 

What if we told you there's a third option? 

No more surprises at the gate

Tangiblee has supported luggage retailers for years with intelligent, intuitive augmented reality that allows shoppers to visualize everything about a prospective purchase. With a single line of code, retailers can add an intuitive, interactive interface built with an optimal customer experience in mind. That includes being lightweight enough to load in virtually any browser and on virtually any device. 

But performance aside, what exactly does that mean for you as a traveler? 

First, instead of simply reading about the dimensions of a particular bag, you can see what it looks like next to an avatar scaled to your exact height and size. You can also check what kind of items fit inside each bag, helping you better plan what you'll bring with you on your flight. Most importantly, we provide each airline's requirements and restrictions for both carry on luggage and checked bags. 

So with Tangiblee, you can find a bag that perfectly fits the items you need in your carry on, then buy with confidence knowing that bag is within your airline's carry on size limits. 

Fly smarter with Tangiblee

Even if you love the experience of flying, dealing with carry on and checked baggage requirements is bothersome at best. And it's not like that's something you can ignore, either. Not unless you want to risk either footing a hefty bill or losing your most valuable items while en route to your destination. 

Fortunately, with Tangiblee, you don't need to worry. And as an added bonus, even once you've purchased your luggage, you can always go back and double-check sizing prior to future flights. 

For those who can't wait for the next time they're in the air, we'll give you some welcome peace of mind, letting you focus on all the things that make travel enjoyable. And for anyone that views airlines as a necessary evil, we can help make things at least a little more tolerable. Either way, it's one less thing to worry about for your next flight. 

Now if only there were some way to prevent flight delays and make airport security a less stressful experience.

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