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Introducing Tangiblee’s New and Improved Website

Kenzie Wilson
September 5, 2023

Our team has been hard at work improving our website. We have launched brand new website pages that aim to inform retailers about the benefits of Tangiblee and our key differentiators. 

Below are the newest additions to

Platform pages

We have expanded our platform capabilities tab to include a platform overview and how it works page. The platform overview page offers a big picture understanding of Tangiblee’s offerings and how they can enhance the online customer experience. The how it works page aims to provide a high-level understanding of Tangiblee’s integration. The webpage takes visitors through Tangiblee’s process from integration to launch. 

Our capabilities, including virtual try-on, lifestyle content, and contextual shopping, have all been updated to include some of our latest technology developments. Visitors can gain an understanding of the features for each of these capabilities. Each feature is also accompanied by a video, image, or gif to allow visitors to visualize it in action. 

For visitors who are looking to dive deeper into Tangiblee’s latest features they can visit our evolving feature guide. The feature guide allows visitors to sort features by category. Each feature offers an overview, feature description, and user experience alongside product imagery to provide further visual understanding. 

Why Tangiblee

The why tangiblee page focuses on our differentiators including built for scale, optimize existing 2D imagery, easy integration, software with a service (SwaS), and human-in-the-loop AI for unprecedented accuracy. 

Visitors can read through each differentiator while engaging with an interactive flywheel. 

Help center

Tangiblee’s new and improved help center looks to answer questions for both potential and current clients. Separated into six different categories, visitors can find answers to many of their questions. 

We are excited to announce these latest updates. We look forward to continuing to advance our website in order to better highlight our immersive shopping experiences. These features and differentiators have allowed Tangiblee to work with top online retailers to increase conversions, revenue per visitor, and more. 

To learn more about Tangiblee, schedule a demo here.

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