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NRF 2022 Sneak Preview

Kenzie DeLong
September 5, 2023

New York, NY - January 11, 2022

This story references an article originally published on Retail Dive.

Tangiblee, a rapidly growing retail technology company accelerating the adoption of interactive customer experiences, takes its show on the road to NRF 2022, January 16-18. Tangiblee goes beyond traditional Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) approaches to deliver immersive shopping experiences that are highly personalized and take the guesswork out of online shopping. The company will be showcasing its latest offerings at Booth #4161 at the Javitz Center in New York this weekend.

Tangiblee’s easy-to-deploy, no-code solution has helped many retailers deliver immersive online shopping experiences at a fraction of the cost and time of any other solutions providers, which has been a huge differentiator the past two years as shoppers visit their favorite retailers online as opposed to in-store.

Tangiblee’s business results speak for themselves: 340%+ growth in revenue since the beginning of COVID, signing on 4 out of 5 of the world’s top luxury jewelry retailers, reaching a traffic milestone of 1B API calls/month to it’s AR and immersive shopping platform, more than doubling its global team and more.

In 2021, Tangiblee launched a variety of next-gen online experiences including complete coverage of Virtual Try-On for Jewelry and Watches. While other providers seek to compete in the space, Tangiblee recently unveiled many first-of-its kind capabilities such as multi-SKU bundling with ring stacking using Augmented Reality (AR), wall art AR to aid in room visualization, and the ability to process and onboard a volume of more than 5,000 new SKUs a day.

“Tangiblee’s approach is unique. It allows retailers to create personalized, interactive experiences using only existing imagery from the website and having 10,000 SKUs ready in less than a week”, explains Eliad Inbar, Tangiblee CEO. “By automating what is a traditionally expensive and time-intensive process of 3D model creation, Tangiblee makes the latest eCommerce technology more accessible for every online retailer.”

At the upcoming NRF BigShow, Tangiblee will be offering a sneak preview of upcoming 2022 features. These range from auto-adjusting product lighting to scene lighting conditions, auto-detecting if a user already has a ring on, and placing the ring on the “free” finger, SKU bundling for furniture and home decor combined with enhanced interactive lifestyle images, What Fits Inside interactivity for handbags, and more.

All of these options help personalize the online shopping experience for customers, while increasing conversion rates, average order value (AOV), and bottom line revenue for retailers.

About Tangiblee

Tangiblee is an enterprise-ready, immersive shopping and augmented reality (AR) e-commerce platform. The world’s largest brands are working with Tangiblee to deliver highly interactive online experiences in days, not months or years. An alumnus of the Techstars 2014 class, Tangiblee is revolutionizing the online buying experience for some of the world’s top retailers including Fossil, Home24, Living Spaces, MCM Worldwide, Tacori, and more. Tangiblee’s interactive eCommerce solutions — including Virtual Try-On (VTR), Compare, Lifestyle Imagery and more —  dramatically improve the bottom line for retailers, increasing conversions and average order value and reducing returns.

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