Tangiblee Delivers Immersive Shopping at Scale for Global Clients Including Lucardi, Fossil, and More

June 1, 2022

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Chicago, IL - June 1, 2022

Tangiblee, a leading provider of enterprise-grade immersive shopping experiences, delivers augmented reality (AR) and interactive technology solutions designed to increase online sales for a wide variety of clients ranging from jewelry to home decor. Tangiblee’s platform allows brands to create and curate a stylized customer experience with comprehensive analytics. It gives customers the ability to virtually try on items, compare sizes, or see how a product would look in their own space.

While many other companies are experimenting with 3D and AR for e-commerce, Tangiblee’s approach is enterprise-ready, meaning it is both easy to deploy and scalable across the world’s largest catalogs. In the emerging AR commerce landscape, Tangiblee’s solution is already delivering proven business results for retailers in categories such as jewelry, watches, handbags, lighting and home decor, among others. Currently, hundreds of online brands and retailers rely on Tangiblee to enrich their virtual storefronts, including Living Spaces, Harvey Norman, Watches of Switzerland, Fossil, Lucardi, and Samsonite.

"Interactivity and immersion are at the core of the modern shopping experience," says Matthew Pettigrew, Tangiblee's VP of Sales. "Tangiblee recognizes that, just as we also recognize that every retailer's needs are a bit different. That's why we've not only developed our solution to be as flexible as possible, but also collaborate with clients to help them determine the best possible approach — the means by which they can improve conversions, revenue, and overall engagement."

Tangiblee continually develops new features based on client and consumer feedback, as well as business results. For example, the company recently released feature updates to its popular Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience including Dynamic Lighting and Shadowing Optimization, which adjusts images for variable lighting in the user’s environment. Other experience-focused features include Ring Stacking and Multi-SKU Bundling. Additionally, Tangiblee enables the creation of custom-generated product and lifestyle imagery, drawing on a massive library of high-quality photos. Other interactivity-focused features include Adjustable Silhouettes, Airline Carry-on view, and Compare To. All of these features can be leveraged by retailers of nearly any size with catalogs ranging from 100 to 100,000 SKUs.

"Continuous improvement is one of our driving values at Tangiblee," adds Pettigrew. "We're constantly looking for ways to not only improve the online shopping experience for retailers, but also to enhance our own products. Collaboration with clients provides us with invaluable insight in that regard — they know what they need better than anyone."

About Tangiblee

Tangiblee is an enterprise-ready, immersive shopping and augmented reality (AR) e-commerce platform. The world’s largest brands are working with Tangiblee to deliver highly interactive online experiences in days, not months or years. An alumnus of the Techstars 2014 class, Tangiblee is revolutionizing the online buying experience for some of the world’s top retailers including Fossil, Home24, Living Spaces, MCM Worldwide, Tacori, and more. Tangiblee’s interactive eCommerce solutions — including Virtual Try-On (VTO), Compare, Lifestyle Imagery and more —  dramatically improve the bottom line for retailers, increasing conversions and average order value and reducing returns.

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