Tangiblee Previews Next-Generation Immersive Shopping and VTO Experiences at NRF 2023

January 4, 2023

This story references an article posted on Retail Dive.

New York, NY - January 4, 2023

Tangiblee, the market leader in Virtual Try-On (VTO) for jewelry and watches, will be unveiling its latest generation of immersive shopping and AR features at the NRF Big Show, January 15-17. The innovative new features — including VTO Clip, virtual room design, ring stacking, and more — bring deeper levels of engagement to consumers and improved financial results to retailers.

Tangiblee’s technology approach makes AR commerce accessible to all retailers and brands. With easy implementation, affordability and scalability, every solution equips top brands with immersive experiences without requiring extensive resources, time, or money. Tangiblee continues to differentiate itself against competitors by bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping. 

“Our clients want AR and 3D across their entire catalog, not just best sellers, usually due to budget constraints,” says Eliad Inbar, CEO of Tangiblee. “We have proven ourselves in the 2D VTO space and plan to push the envelope further this year by providing premium quality 3D VTO for catalog size of 10 to 100K at a fraction of the cost of our competitors — all this without compromising our effortless and quick onboarding. We’re looking forward to further defining the state of the art in AR commerce in 2023.”

The business metrics speak for themselves with Tangiblee increasing revenue per visitor by 15.7% for luxury watch manufacturer, Citizen, and providing a 550% ROI for Lucardi Jewelers. 

On top of providing impressive results to its clients, Tangiblee also launched a multitude of innovative features in 2022 with a focus on Jewelry and Watches, Handbags and Luggage, and Furniture and Home Decor. These features include virtual room staging, embed, earring stacking, and more. For all categories, the company processes up to 5000 SKUs per day to support catalogs of any size.

At the upcoming NRF Big Show, Tangiblee will release a next-generation VTO experience — the first of its kind. This capability, VTO Clip, elevates the virtual try-on experience without compromising Tangiblee’s easy-to-deploy and scalable solution. Shoppers will be able to take a short video while rotating their hand, and a ring will be automatically and realistically placed on their finger and move realistically along with the hand. This allows shoppers to visualize the ring in a dynamic setting to increase buyer confidence and conversion rate.

About Tangiblee

Tangiblee is an enterprise-ready, immersive shopping and augmented reality (AR) e-commerce platform. The world’s largest brands are working with Tangiblee to deliver highly interactive online experiences in days, not months or years. An alumnus of the Techstars 2014 class, Tangiblee is revolutionizing the online buying experience for some of the world’s top retailers including Fossil, Samsonite, Living Spaces, MCM Worldwide, Tacori, and more. Tangiblee’s interactive eCommerce solutions — including Virtual Try-On (VTR), Contextual Shopping, Lifestyle Imagery, and more —  dramatically improve the bottom line for retailers, increasing conversions and average order value and reducing returns.

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