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Unique Categories That You May Not Know We Serve

Kenzie DeLong
September 5, 2023

Tangiblee is the market leader for Virtual Try-On (VTO) for jewelry and watches, but that’s not all. Our solution has proven successful for furniture & home decor as well as handbags & luggage. But again, that’s not all. We have also found success with pet supplies, adult toys, department stores, toy & collectibles, and more. 

How Tangiblee applies to more than our core categories

Tangiblee’s unique offering allows us to customize and personalize our solution to fit multiple categories. Below are just a few examples of ways we have been able to accelerate e-commerce growth for unique categories: 

Pet Supplies: 

Tangiblee’s Compare To feature is ideal for the pet industry. Pet owners can visualize a product on a dog or cat that is the same breed/size as their own pet. Additionally, for crates and cat houses, pet owners can compare sizing to popular breeds or to various lifestyle items to better understand the size of the product. 

This reduces shoppers’ uncertainty and product returns by providing size context and clarity. Boost conversions without increasing overhead by optimizing your existing product imagery to produce dynamic product content at scale. 

Adult Toys: 

Tangiblee’s Compare To feature is also ideal for the adult toys industry. Shoppers can accurately compare the size of items against another product or to an everyday item such as a water bottle or an iPhone. 

You can elevate your current product imagery and reduce returns by providing accurate size comparisons. Our clients have reported a 8X conversion rate and 2X average order value after implementing Tangiblee. 

Department Stores:

Tangiblee’s solution has also proven successful for department stores that serve multiple categories. Tangiblee’s solution is highly customizable and adaptable across product categories which makes us a great fit for department stores. Online shoppers can have a consistent shopping experience across your website with Tangiblee. 

Department stores such as Harvey Norman have already implemented and seen the benefits of Tangiblee. 

Toys & Collectibles

Tangiblee was able to significantly decrease returns for craft retailer, Woodpeckers Crafts. Using Tangiblee’s unique sizing solution, Woodpeckers immediately saw a difference. Their shoppers are now able to visualize the product before they buy making it easy to purchase the correct size. 

And More…

With Tangiblee, the opportunities are endless. We are able to customize our platform to meet you and your company's needs. 

When we partnered with Victorinox, we had never worked with knives or kitchen utensils before. However, we accepted the challenge and adapted our platform. We created custom backgrounds that made sense for the item and worked to select accurate and relevant comparison items.

Wondering if Tangiblee could work for your category? Schedule a free demo here.

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