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Scott Arbeitman

How Tangiblee helped leather-goods brand Bellroy earn the title "e-Commerce Innovator"



In the emerging world of functional fashion, Bellroy is a company that has earned a reputation as an industry leader. The company specializes in selling slim leather wallets that sit nicely in pockets (as opposed to bulging out).

From a value proposition perspective, the company has struck a valuable chord by boasting a product that is just as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing and, frankly, fun to use.

In a few short years, Bellroy has achieved some pivotal milestones. The Australian-based leather-goods company is now present within major fashion retailers such as Nordstrom & Barneys NY and continues to grow it’s already thriving direct standalone online store.

“We were actively experimenting with different tactics to increase sales,” says digital manager Scott Arbeitman at Bellroy. “We have an aggressive appetite for the latest and greatest technologies.”

Arbeitman said that the overall goal for Bellroy was to build a world-class e-Commerce experience.

Scott Arbeitman


Another challenge with their product line is that inability for consumers to easily distinguish one item from another on digital channels. The overall goal, for Bellroy was to build a world-class e-commerce experience, which Arbeitman is quick to add,

“Tangiblee was a huge piece of [building into a world-class e-Commerce experience,”

Initially, what caught Bellroy’s eye was Tangiblee’s simple, frictionless product size and product comparison capabilities. The technology was specifically designed to give online shoppers the information that Arbeitman so desperately needed for his Bellroy customers to know. And, Tangiblee held an impressive value proposition with a definite connection to whether a customer transaction was likely to take place.

Scott Arbeitman


“This {testing and implementation} process was already in place within our organization, so it was easy to slide in an experiment with Tangiblee”, Arbeitman says.

Why? Because Tangiblee requires zero backend API or IT integrations - it’s simply one snippet of code added to any enterprise or custom built e-Commerce platform.

In early 2014, Bellroy identified the need for ‘product size’ comparisons to be a core part of its website experience. From a security, engineering, and IT standpoint, an in-house solution would have been too costly and complex.


Revenue Per Visitor

Scott Arbeitman

Bellroy received an email introduction to Tangiblee and, recognizing the simple, effortless nature of the service, the team quickly moves forward with a partnership. Before running full-steam ahead, Bellroy implemented a short and focused test that ran approximately three months. Bellroy wanted to focus on optimizing the campaign’s most important metric: uplift in revenue.

Several test variations were run, and Tangiblee optimized the experience according to the data outcome of each test iteration. Confirmed with statistically significant results, by the end of the three month period, Bellroy was thrilled with such positive and conclusive data.


Revenue on Tablets


Almost immediately, Bellroy was seeing results including a 3.2% lift in RPV - an astounding change given the speed & overall simplicity of the solution. And, one metric that surprised both the Tangiblee & Bellroy teams was the increase in Tablet engagement & conversions = +4.4% Revenue solely on tablets.

Bellroy continues its growth trajectory as well as maintaining its title as an e-Commerce innovator - creating a truly unique, functional experience for nearly every single product in their online catalog. The Australian-based leather-goods manufacturer continues into its 3rd year as partners with Tangiblee - and has rolled out the service across all products.

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