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Kaori Inatomi

How BONAVENTURA Disrupted the Japanese Luxury Leather Goods Industry with Tangiblee


BONAVENTURA is a designer and producer of luxury leather goods built on a simple philosophy — to offer its customers truly premium products. Combining Italy's rich culture of craftsmanship with an attention to detail and dedication to perfection, BONAVENTURA's product catalog includes handbags, wallets, and a range of accessories. To ensure each handmade product is of the utmost quality, BONAVENTURA sources all leather from the most prestigious tanneries.

Having recently opened several flagship stores in Japan, BONAVENTURA took the opportunity to update its online shopping experience. It knew that in order to succeed in Japan's fast-growing luxury leather goods market, it needed every customer to be fully confident in their purchases. It could not settle for anything less than perfection.

Challenges: Increasing customer confidence and conversions

BONAVENTURA's product pages were already incredibly detailed, with full product descriptions and high-quality product photos. It recognized, however, that images and dimensions don't always accurately convey a product's look and size.

It was with this in mind that the company began looking for something that would not only increase conversions, but also reduce returns.

It was the latter benefit that spurred BONAVENTURA to begin its research — not for its own sake, but for the sake of its customers. As far as BONAVENTURA was concerned, anything it could do to spare its customers and themselves the hassle of returns was worth the investment.

“Our customers are and always will be our main concern. We want to provide them with the online experience they need in order to buy with confidence,” states Kaori Inatomi, General Manager of Marketing and E-commerce. “We knew that these experiences existed, but it was up to us to find the premier one.”

Enter Tangiblee: A powerful, flexible product sizing solution

BONAVENTURA did a great deal of research on its own before reaching out to Tangiblee, speaking with multiple other e-commerce service vendors in the process. Eventually, Tangiblee's flexibility won the company over. BONAVENTURA's team loved how they were able to personalize the solution to their precise needs. 

Tangiblee's low resource footprint only further sweetened the deal. With Adjustable Silhouettes and Compare To, BONAVENTURA was able to offer their shoppers with immersive shopping solutions to elevate their experience. 

Online shoppers are able to visualize items on a virtual model that is the same size and height as they are. Shoppers can additionally compare items against everyday items and wishlist items or other items from the retailer’s catalog. Tangiblee enables shoppers to purchase with the utmost confidence thus reducing the likelihood of a return. 

Results: Seamless onboarding and a better shopping experience

Although it's only been a few months since BONAVENTURA deployed Tangiblee's product sizing solution, it has nevertheless been incredibly happy with the results. It was particularly impressed by Tangiblee's seamless onboarding process. BONAVENTURA was able to deploy Tangiblee to its stores with minimal problems, and Tangiblee's team was present and responsive any time the company had any questions or concerns. 

“Tangiblee’s hands-on approach throughout the entire process was a game changer and allowed us to focus on other key initiatives,” said Kaori Inatomi.

“The results have been staggering since we implemented Tangiblee. Within a short time, Tangiblee revolutionized our online shopping experience by providing online shoppers with steadfast confidence when making purchases.”

BONAVENTURA with Tangiblee’s assistance is collecting relevant data to determine the success of the partnership, but for now it's enough to know that it's providing customers with greater confidence by giving them the information they need to make an informed purchase.

Kaori Inatomi

What's Next: New features, more options

BONAVENTURA plans to continue innovating and implementing additional Tangiblee features, such as Virtual Try-On for watches. This feature will allow shoppers to virtually try on watches before they purchase. 

Tangiblee looks forward to helping BONAVENTURA continue improving its on-site shopping experience. 

Kaori Inatomi

Kaori Inatomi

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